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Something New For Flo to look into

The other day I was on and just for the sake of seeing what I could find, I started typing in the names of college wrestlers who have long since graduated.  Much to my surprise, when I typed in the name Tom Tanis, up popped a video of his consolation semi-final match with Damion Hahn.    It's a match that I already knew Tanis won, but I had always wanted to see how it went. It got me to thinking that pre-flo, a lot of matches I simply heard about or had described to me but I never actually saw them.   L...

How can you help when people won't let you?


There are no Prerequisites for Success

Adam Wheeler, just became an Olympic Bronze Medalist for the United States in Greco-Roman wrestling at the 2008 Olympic Games. In the world of amateur wrestling, the highest achievement one can earn, is to become a medalist at the Olympic games. In grade school and high school wrestling, you're wrestling the best wrestlers in your state. In collegiate wrestling your wrestling the best wrestlers in your country. In international wrestling, which is where the Olympics fall into place, your wrestling the greatest wrestlers in the world. In the min...

A very memorable Match

Often enough when talking wrestling among other fans, the only matches that seem to be remebered from the NCAA National tournament are the finals matches. In my opinion, I've seen many matches that were extremely dramatic that did not happen to be the finals. I've gone to the NCAA Division I wrestling championships every year since 2003. There are many matches that I recall with fond memories as well as bittersweet memories. If I had to pick the match that I remember the most, it'd be a match from the 2004 tournament. 165 Pounds, Round of 12 ma...