From the top down we'll see 2009 Golden Grand Prix champ Jamal Mirzaei taking on 2009 Pan Am champ Reneir Salas of Cuba. Also in the bracket is 74 kg 2006 World Champ and 2007 Sivler medalist Ibragim Aldatov of the Ukraine.

Bottom of the top bracket will feature 2006 & 2007 World Bronze medalist Zaurbek Sokhiev of Uzbekistan and 2007 & 2008 Sivler medalist Yusup Abdusalamov of Tajikistan.

No real big names at the top of the bottom bracket aside from 2009 Russian National champ Abdusalam Gadisov.

Below that veteran David Bichinashvili will have USA's Jake Herbert in the first round. The winner here will most likely advance to the semi final. Aside from that no real big names aside from 2009 Golden Grand Prix Bronze Sharif Sharifov of Azerbaijan and 2006 Euro Sivler medalist Yavaser Gokhan of Turkey.

1/4 Final: Mirzaei v. Aldatov, Abdusalamov v. Ganzorig, Yanokyan v. Gadisov, Bichinishvili v. Gokhan

1/2 Final: Mirzaei v. Abdusalamov, Gadisov v. Bichinishvili

Final: Mirzaei v. Gadisov

Champion: Abdusalam Gadisov