Decent weight class with a much tougher lower bracket.

From the top down we'll see 2008 Olympic Bronze medalist Khetag Gazyumov of Azerbaijan. He'll most likely face Euro Medalist Serhat Balci early on and then 2006 World Bronze Medalist Ruslan Sheikov of Belarus.

Moving on USA's Jake Varner will have to face either 2007 World Silver Medalist Saheed Abrahimi of Iran or 2007 World Bronze Medalist Kurban Kurbanov to advance to the semi final. In the bottom bracket we'll see 3x World and 1x Olympic Champ Khadjimourad Gatsalov of Russia taking on World Champ Georgi Gogschelidze of Georgia in the second round. Their last meeting was at the 2008 Euros with Gogschelidze walking away with the victory.

1/4 Finals: Gazyumov v. Balci, Sheikov v, Pliev, Varner v. Abrahimi, Gatsalov v, Vivenez

1/2 Finals: Gazyumov v. Sheikov, Abrahimi v. Gatsalov

Finals: Gazyumov v. Gatsalov

Champion: Khetag Gazyumov