The only returning Olympic Medalist is Radoslav Velikov of Bulgaria. He was the Bronze medalist in Beijing. Velikov was the World Runner up in 2005 and the World Champ in 2006. We'll also see 2007 World Bronze medalist Rizvan Gadzhiev of Belarus as well as 2007 World Silver medalist Bayaraa Naranbaatar of Mongolia. Watch for young star Kyong Il Yang of North Korea (PRK), Besarion Gochashvili of Georgia, 2008 Euro Bronze medalist Francisco Parra of Spain, as well as veteran Hyo-Sub Kim of Korea. 2009 Russian National champ Viktor Lebedev and 2009 Junior World Champ Hassan Rahimi will be competing in their first World Championships.

USA's Danny Felix will face Azerbaijan's Namig Sevdimov in the first round. Sevdimov placed 5th in Beijing and recently won the Golden Grand Prix in Baku. It will be a hard fought match between these two, and will go to the third period to decide the winner.

1/4 Finals: Rahimi v. Gadzhiev, Kyong-Il Yang v. Gochashvili, Sanchez v. Velikov, Sevdimov v. Kim

1/2 Finals: Rahimi v. Kyong-Il Yang, Velikov v. Sevdimov

Finals: Yang v. Velikov

Champion: Radoslav Velikov