So this morning I woke up to a huge surprise, I saw the first blue skies since I got here, now they are just faintly visible, but at this point any blue skies will make me happy. After rain the last two days the temperature has gone way down also it is awesome. SO yesterday we worked out twice, a hard practice in the mornign then in the afternoon I just drilled with Max. I also made another sweet purschase yesterday, it was a bicycle. Everything in the village is so far apart and I have been etremely jealous of the folks biking around this place so I finally decided to buy a bike. It is this really sweet kind that folds up all small so I can probably take it home to the states with me. Then in the afternoon Max and I missed the bus from the village to the BNU, so we had to cab it. Well I forgot my map and the cab driver got us lost, then dropped us off in the middle of nowhere with no map and no chinese to speak. Luckily we were able to make some calls and get a translator on the line and flag a cab down and get everything figured out. Everything is getting really low key here, I am getting all settled in. I haev two more days of two a days then I will coast into the competition. Greco starts today so I am exctied to see how Spencer does, he is so explosive I have to think he has a good chance to take it all. We will see, also some people were asking and it is lookinggood that Mike Zadick will get it. Bulgaria's #1 guy runner up in the world last year tore his achiles then the back up got in a car accident and the georgian team is threatening to boycott after the russian invasion, so I would expect to see Mike wreslting. Also Alexis Rodrigues, the cuban heavyweight defected to Spain so he wont be competing in these games. Ok I thin kI am going to be brave and run outside, the smog scared me before, but with the blue skies my courage is getting up.