Social media is flat out the most powerful way for college, high school and even youth sports teams to grow their fan base, increase awareness and increase fundraising. When you have lots of people who like your Facebook page, subscribe to your newsletter, and follow you on Twitter then you have more people to whom you can directly communicate, spread your message, promote events and get things done.

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There are lots of actions that you can take to grow your team's Facebook page. I'm going to give you 5. They are listed in order of actionableness (yeah, I made that up).
Utilizing the "Share" Link: On the bottom of the left column on your page is a link that says "Share". Click that link and a window pops up that gives you two options for sharing a link to your page. You're going to do both. First, you can post it to your profile by simply typing a message and clicking the "Share" button. Do that and your personal friends will see it. Then, click the "Send as a Message Instead" link on the bottom of that pop-up window. Here you can choose which of your friends that you want to send a message to with the page link. Send the message to all of your coaching staff, athletes, alumni and parents. Ask them specifically to do exactly what I just told you to do. (Copy and paste the first 7 sentences of this paragrpah into that message to them).

Your Alter Ego: You have fans that don't even know that they want to be fans yet. Facebook recently launched what I believe to be the best feature ever for page owners. You can go to your page, click "Use Facebook as..." and take on the persona of your organization, team or athletic department. Pretty cool! Now, find a page where your fans and potential fans are hanging out (like another sports team or local school page), "like" it, and comment on recent posts. By becoming part of the conversation, your organization builds awareness to fans who never even knew you had a page! Readers can click on your name to visit your page (and hopefully "like" it). Further, click "Home" and you will find that your organization now has a news feed of it's own. Posts from the pages that your organization "likes" show up there so you do not have to go hunting for pages on which to comment.

Be Findable: Put links to your Facebook page into your email signature, email newsletter campaigns and websites. (Tell your webmaster to go here)

Facebook Ads: Finally, try some Facebook Ads. Click on "Promote with an Ad" on the right side of your page. You can select who sees the ad based on city, gender, age, and interest. Start with two ads and a $25 campaign to test it out with training wheels.

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