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Miklus' Moves Make Him Wrestler of the Week

Plenty of ranked guys matched up on the mats with many of them tasting defeat over the weekend. But the guy who made the loudest noise was Missouri redshirt freshman Willie Miklus. Miklus came from behind to record a huge 9-7 upset victory over No. 2 Jack Dechow of Old Dominion in overtime. The third period efforts from the young Tiger are what helped him earn the victory. In the final period Miklus gained an escape, gave up a takedown, managed to escape again before securing the match-tying takedown to send things into overtime. Dechow’s...

Ohio State v. Virginia Tech Live Updates

Ohio State v. Virginia Tech Live Updates Dual begins at 2 PM EST 125-Nathan Tomasello, Ohio State vs Joey Dance, Virginia Tech 1st Period: Under way with two stout brick houses. Early clubbing with collar ties and underhooks, Tomasllow far ankle pick, Dance dives for an ankle... and we have a stalemate out of bounds. Tomasello in on a high crotch and finishes this time.  Dance escapes after about 10 seconds. Period ends 2-1. 2nd Period: Tomasello starts on bottom.  Gets two his feet twice but Dance returns him to his feet.  Up ag...

Live Updates: Huskers Visit NC State

#12-Nebraska over #19-North Carolina State  16 - 15 125: #11-SO. Tim Lambert (NEB) vs. SR. Joe DeAngelo (NCST) 1st: A lot of activity early with DeAngelo pressuring forward and Lambert looking elbow offs, but no clean shots.  Lambert scored off an ankle pick at the 1min. mark and rode out the rest of the period. 2nd: Lambert starts down and gets out in :12. DeAngelo nearly had two when he tried to cut double but Lambert countered and immediately scored 2NF with a leg turk to make it 7-0. 3rd: DeAngelo underneath. Lambert drops to a l...

Live Updates: PSU v. Pittsburgh!

PSU v. Pittsburgh Results: 125: Jordan Conaway-PSU vs Dom Forys-Pittsburgh Period 1: Underway here at 125, early snaps from Forys and Forys looks for a single but comes up empty. Nice single from Conaway early, then Forys nearly got to the leg and finished but both come back to their feet.  Still scoreless.  Forys gets a little ambitious looking for a pancake and Conaway is able to drop down to the leg, but Forys whizzers well and gets a stalemate.  Beautiful low double by Forys and he finishes clean for 2.  Conaway up and o...

W2W4: Tomasello's First Test

W2W4: Tomasello's First Test

Christian Pyles

November 20, 2014, 7:46pm

Some huge duals and some very juicy tournaments this weekend. Where’s the drama going down this weekend? Check out the rundown and find out! Friday, November 21 Iowa City Duals-The competition is light, but we’ll get our first look at who Iowa rolls out at 149 and 157, respectively. Penn State v. Pittsburgh-At 125 I’m excited to see Dom Forys take on Jordan Conaway. At 184 Max Thomusseit v. the surging Matt McCutcheon could be interesting as well. Will we see Tyler Wilps v. Matt Brown? That’d be a monster match up as wel...

How Dave Schultz Saved Jeff Jordan's Big Ten Title

Weight cutting in the sport of wrestling is pretty much a given unless you are a heavyweight. It’s just a part of wrestling that makes our great sport tougher and more challenging. Some wrestlers are good weight cutters and others “suck” at it. I was one of those wrestlers that always made weight and usually cut a lot of weight. I had it down to a science, I thought. There was one time, however, in my college career that I would not have made weight but for the help of Dave Schultz. It was my senior year and I had just won the...

Top 5 Recruiting Classes

Top 5 Recruiting Classes

Ryan Holmes

November 20, 2014, 12:00pm

The early signing period for wrestling came to a close on Wednesday. By our count, over 300 wrestlers committed to DI programs. Like every recruiting cycle, wrangling a good class depends on a lot of factors: weight class need, money available, geography, etc., etc. Below we'll take a look at the Top 5 big winners in the Class of 2015 sweepstakes. But before we do that, let's note some other programs that impressed us with their recruiting ability thus far. Outside our Top 5, Purdue, South Dakota State, Princeton and Harvard all had very stron...

America's 100 Best Juniors

America's 100 Best Juniors

Flo Wrestling

November 20, 2014, 4:00am

JR Big Board Notes Willie Saylor, Sr. Editor The Top Ten stands pat in personnel with only a couple minor changes in order. Yeah, I know Isaiah White took a loss. But his skill set displayed this offseason makes me even more convinced of his college potential (which is what the class rankings are all about). The rankings here are reflective of what I deem to be the order of value in recruiting. As such, they don’t always coincide with weight class rankings which are derived from a more objective, process-driven criteria. New #11 with Chad...

High School Team Rankings

High School Team Rankings

Jason Byrne

November 19, 2014, 4:00am

Team Rankings The Top 10 Blair edges OPRF and Sem in the first edition of the Asics Team Rankings. You can consider them in their own ‘tier’ as the front runners for the national title. All three rosters are built well enough that they can compete with each other in all types (deep and shallow tournaments and duals) of formats. But can’t Graham outscore Sem at Ironman? Of course. As in the case every year, format plays a big part in results. Graham has more ‘studs’ but Sem is more balanced. While Graham could (I d...

A Fortunate Layover with Dave Schultz

The greatest leaders have an ability to connect with people on an emotional level. Dave Schultz had a magnetic personality that drew people to him. His energy and carefree spirit had a way of infecting everyone around him. Schultzy could take a bad situation and turn it into an awesome memory. Such an event happened my senior year in college. We had just finished wrestling the Las Vegas Invitation and our nonstop flight from Vegas to Chicago got cancelled. We in turn had to fly from Vegas to Los Angeles and then had a four hour layover be...

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