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LIVE This Weekend on Flo: 10/25/2014

Three events LIVE on Flowrestling this weekend: America Crown Series Pre Season Nationals, Cliff Keen USAW Pre Season Nationals and MegaTron World Wrestling Championships.  America Crown Series Pre Season Nationals  October 25th, 2014  Broadcast Info: WATCH ACS PRE SEASON NATIONALS LIVE HERE The kickoff to the 2014-15 America Crown Series starts this weekend in St. Joseph, MO. The event, now in its 3rd year, continues to grow in participation numbers and competitiveness. Wrestlers aged 6 through 18 are allowed to participate. &nb...

Princeton Material

Princeton Material

Willie Saylor

October 23, 2014, 8:19am

If you listened to his press conference or post match interview from Who’s #1, you became very aware that Matt Kolodzik was the whole package. Charismatic and articulate, Kolodzik entertained reporters, then entertained the crowd in a 4-0 win over Ke-Shawn Hayes (MO) to become the nation’s new #1 wrestler at 138lbs. In the midst of that performance, many fans started to whisper, ‘I wonder where he is going to go (to college).’ The topic made its way to the twittersphere with speculation and false surety. Stanford, they ...

Fi: CP's NCAA Individual and Team Predictions

I always love doing these.  If only to see how much changes from predictions in preseason to later in the year.  Guys you're SURE will break out falter, and dudes you never saw coming turn out to be hammers.  I'll be way off on some of these, but some I feel really good about.  Enjoy these for what they are: 1 guys predictions. 125 1. Jesse Delgado-Illinois 2. Nahshon Garrett-Cornell 3. Thomas Gilman-Iowa 4. Alan Waters-Missouri 5. Nathan Tomasello-Ohio State 6. Joey Dance-Virginia Tech 7. Dylan Peters-Northern Iowa 8. Jorda...

Gavin vs Ruth & Molinaro vs Maynard Slated for FPL 2

4 days ago at Lehigh Unversity's Grace Hall, Flowrestling debuted its newly establised professional wrestling league, the Flo Premier League, with an all star match featuring 2x NCAA runner-up Robert Hamlin and 2x NCAA champion Chris Perry.  The highly anticipated "revenge" match proved to be worth the hype as Hamlin,  considered a heavy underdog going into the match, beat Perry for the second time in his career (this time via a 4-1 decision).   Amidst an atmosphere of excitement and in front of a sold out "Snake Pit" crowd, the ...

Who's #1 Results

Who's #1 Results

Willie Saylor

October 22, 2014, 6:53am

Let’s get right to it, Mark Hall (MN) was on a mission. He wrestled the perfect match against Anthony Valencia (CA). Hall controlled every phase of the bout with great takedowns, mat returns and a tilt in third period to get the 10-2 major and prove that he is both the top wrestler at 170 pounds and in the pound-for-pound rankings. There wasn’t much that Anthony Valencia could do against Hall who executed his game plan perfectly. Top-ranked Nick Suriano (NJ) and No. 2 Daton Fix (OK) had fans on the edge of their seats watching every...

Redshirt or Ready?

Redshirt or Ready?

Christian Pyles

October 22, 2014, 4:33am

When looking over the country’s top newcomers entering the fold, there’s a lot to consider as far as assessing readiness. Some guys I watch and immediately think they’re ready to compete on the next level. Some, I’m not so sure. I’m going to do a rundown of the top 10 Seniors who are heading into college this year This is not a prediction of whether or not a guy will or will not redshirt. For example a guy like Sam Stoll may be ready for the big time, but it obviously would be pointless to wrestle him this year wit...

Fi: DI Freshmen Breakout Candidates

My favorite thing in virtually all sports is the transition from prospect to show time. I love identifying characteristics which indicate future success and then seeing just how my hunches go. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. Whatever the case, it’s interesting to see the arc of the careers of those that make it and those that don’t. Below you’ll find a list of the most promising Freshmen in Division I that, as of publication time, are expected to start. Weight-by-weight, we’ll identify the new names you should get acq...

Gear Guide 2014: Cliff Keen Knows Kneepads

Cliff Keen Knee Protection for Wrestling: Tried & True. From the trusty “bubble” style of The Impact™ Knee Pad to the low-profile knee sleeve, and all the way up to the most supportive Knee Brace™, Cliff Keen has you covered with a wide variety of pads that are all made from the highest quality of impact resistant material. Over their many storied and accomplished years of business, Cliff Keen’s Product Design Team makes sure that it takes care of all the little things when it comes to designing and protecting you...

Who's #1 2014: Nick's Picks

Mark Hall will beat Anthony Valencia at this year's Who's #1. God it feels good to be the first to go on record with that prediction.  I seriously feel like I'm the only one who's giving Mark Hall a shot.  Everyone I've talked to says Valencia's getting his hand raised this Saturday at the Snake Pit.  Why? Because he took Hall down at Freakshow 12 months ago with 7 seconds left in sudden victory overtime, on the edge of the mat while Hall was collapsing under a seriously banged up ankle?  So what.  Hall outwre...



Flo Wrestling

October 13, 2014, 4:00am

FR Big Board Notes Willie Saylor, Sr. Editor Welcome to the Freshmen Big Board. The 50 prospects here represent some of the most promising talent to join the high school circuit. Expect to become familiar with them as the preseason hits and the regular season gets in to full swing. Many of these guys have already had an impact at major events. As an 8th grader last year, Gable Steveson won some important matches at The Clash and was a state finalist at the high school level. Other state placers at the HS level were Alex Llyod (3rd), and Franki...

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