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Official 2017 Who's #1 Betting Lines

With every major sporting event, betting lines add another element of excitement. Just for fun, we've come up with theoretical odds for the one event that only features the nation's highest ranked wrestlers.

Look these over with your friends, come up with a system. Give yourselves a certain amount of points to wager and see who can come up with the most once Who's #1 is over.

Remember, WNO starts this Sunday at 2pm Eastern. We highly recommend you make it out to Lehigh's Grace Hall, there are still a few tickets available. But if you can't, make sure to catch all the action LIVE on Flo.


For you rookies, here's a tutorial on betting odds and lines:

The Match Line: EX.: -2.5
This means that if you choose that wrestler, he must win by 3pts. for you to win. If you choose the other guy, that wrestler must win outright or lose by 2pts. for you to win. This is an equal money bet; you risk $10, you win $10.

Over/Under: EX.: 10.5pts
You're betting on the total number of points scored in the match. If the score at the end of the match is 6-5, and you took the over, you won!

The Money Line: EX.: +$220
This means you've taken the underdog to win the match by any score (or fall). For every $10 you risk, you win $22. Or if you wager $100, you win $220. Conversely, if you take a favorite at, say, -$175, you have to risk $17.50 to win $10.

On to the odds, going by match order. Favorites are on the left, the line is in the middle, and the team they are on in parentheses.

113: #1 Malik Heinselman (Black) -1.5 #2 Kurt McHenry (Green) O/U 10

Heinselman to win (-110)
McHenry to win (+100)

120: #1 Robert Howard (Green) -2 #4 Patrick McKee (Black) O/U 15

Howard to win (-150)
McKee to win (+110)

170: #1 Trent Hidlay (Black) -2.5 #2 Julian Ramirez (Green) O/U 12

Hidlay to win (-130)
Ramirez to win (+120)

Who's #1 All-Time Results & Alumni Update

152: #1 Brayton Lee (Green) -4.5 #6 Justin McCoy (Black) O/U 18

Lee to win (-400)
McCoy to win (+380)

126: #2 Gavin Teasdale (Green) -3 #3 Patrick Glory (Black) O/U 11

Teasdale to win (-250)
Glory to win (+230)

132: #1 Roman Bravo-Young (Green) -1.5 #2 Joey Silva (Black) O/U 7

Roman Bravo-Young to win (-140)
Joey Silva to win (+130)

Who's #1: The Complete Dual Breakdown

138: #1 Jacori Teemer (Black) -3 #2 Mitch Moore (Green) O/U 12

Teemer to win (-150)
Moore to win (+140)

160: #1 David Carr (Black) -2 #2 Joe Lee (Green) O/U 11

Carr to win (-160)
Lee to win (+120)

125: #1 Gracie Figueroa Green) -1 #1 Macey Kilty (Black) O/U 9

Figueroa to win (-120)
Kilty to win (+110)

Alumni Make Their Who's #1 Picks

195: #1 Michael Beard (Green) -1.5 #2 Gavin Hoffman (Black) O/U 13

Beard to win (-130)
Hoffman to win (+120)

145: #2 Sammy Sasso (Black) -0.5 #1 Anthony Artalona (Green) O/U 10

Sasso to win (-110)
Artalona to win (+100)

Teams: Jody Strittmatter (Green) -3.5 Izzy Martinez (Black) O/U 33.5

Green to win (-210)
Black to win (+190)


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