The Definitive Guide To Tilts

The Definitive Guide To Tilts
Photo: Tony Rotundo
With folkstyle season upon us, you had better start drilling some referee's position and some turns. Don't know where to start? Don't worry, FloWrestling has got you covered. Here are some of the best tilts that the NCAA has to offer.

Putting a guy on his back is one thing, but keeping him there long enough to get a set of back points can be tricky. Chase Pami shows you how to adjust your hips and your feet in this video. Pay close attention to what he does with his left foot. (WATCH TECHNIQUE HERE)

Anyone can score on a 2-on-1 tilt on the same side as the trapped arm, but Navy assistant coach Cody Cleveland shows a couple of ways to score by going to the opposite side of the trapped arm.

For a second variation of Cleveland's tilt series, click here.

Sometimes a guy will just lie there and not move from bottom. Former UTC associate head coach Rocco Mansueto shows you exactly what to do when you have the guy broken down to his belly. (WATCH TECHNIQUE HERE)

Jody Strittmatter has built Young Guns into one of the best youth and high school wrestling clubs in the country, and one of the things that his athletes do better than most is put people on their backs. Check out this pinning combo for when you miss a re-bar tilt. (WATCH TECHNIQUE HERE)

Johnni DiJulius is becoming one of the best technicians around, and if you aren't big on riding wrists, then this claw ride is for you.

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