FRL 229 - 165 Rankings, Cadet Worlds Historic Performance And Best 149's

FRL 229 discusses Team USA's historic performance at Cadet Worlds, 165 rankings and the best 149 pounders to not win NCAA's.

Order Of Show:
0:00 - Nomad the fish boat captain
0:02 - Super 32 registration is hot, hot, hot.
0:05 - Freestyle performance at Cadet Worlds
0:08 - Jordan Decatur's match with Greece
0:14 - Aaron Brooks was extremely impressive
0:23 - Kerkvliet: 197 or 285?
0:28 - Ashnault is hurt
0:30 - Bratke's take on Geo Martinez
0:38 - Ke-Shawn Hayes, Paul Glynn, and Dane Pestano
0:42 - 157 Rankings
0:45 - 165 Rankings
0:52 - Best 149s to never win (last 10 years)
0:55 - Fun Dylan Ness matches

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