Three USA Gold Medals On Last Day Of Cadet Worlds

Three USA Gold Medals On Last Day Of Cadet Worlds
Photo: Richard Immel
It's the final day of the 2017 Cadet World Championships in Athens, Greece, and America won all of their medal matches.

Kurt McHenry is now a two-time world champ! Jacori Teemer scores a bronze medal in his first trip to the world championships.Aaron Brooks won his first world title, he is the gold medalist at 76kg. Greg Kerkvliet continued the Minnesota run at 100kg with a world title of his own.

On the team side of things, America finished in second place. What an incredible year for Men's Freestyle in this country! Senior world title, Junior world title and Cadet silver. Excellent performances all around.

In case you missed yesterday, here are updates on Will Lewan's gold medal and Gavin Hoffman's bronze medal.

Check out the team scores below. As you can see, Russia won the team title. American will finish second and Azerbaijan ends up third.

Country 42kg 46kg 50kg 54kg 58kg 63kg 69kg 76kg 85kg 100kg Total
RUS 0 8 10 8 1 10 8 9 10 9 73
USA 6 10 4 0 0 8 10 10 8 10 66
AZE 10 6 9 0 9 8 9 4 0 6 61
IRI 4 3 0 10 3 0 8 8 9 8 53
JPN 8 0 0 9 10 9 6 0 0 0 42

46kg GOLD - Kurt McHenry vs Giorgi Gegelashvili, Georgia

1st period: Gegelashvili will be in red, McHenry in blue. The Georgian was the European champ earlier this year, and was bronze in McHenry's weight last year, though they did not meet. Gegelashvili has won three matches by scores of 10-0, 6-1 and 10-6. McHenry has gone 10-0, 18-8, 4-2 and 5-4. Before we get started, AZE just lost 11-0 in their bronze medal match to Kazakhstan, makes it harder for them to catch America. Go time here, McHenry shoots but fought off and into a front head PANCAKE! Kurt working a trap arm after that 2 pointer but back to their feet. Cory Cooperman in McHenry's corner. Kurt's feet are too fast, another takedown and 4-0 now. My word, another pancake on the edge, 6-0 now. Kurt is feeling it, scary thought when Kurt gains confidence as the mat goes on. Nickerson and Cooperman are hyped.

2nd period: Early whistle. Another whistle, ref gives Kurt an attention. Body lock position, no points. Classic McHenry, throwby for 2. Takedown Gerogia now, but only 30 seconds to go. Trap arm makes it 8-4, ref blows it dead as Kurt holds his knee. Back to it, Kurt gets to rear standing and a takedown. AND THAT'S IT! Kurt McHenry is now a TWO TIME WORLD CHAMP! Rubs it in a little after a late throw and he takes the victory lap. Wow, someone just tried to throw a bottle at him, but missed and he jumps into Coop's arms.

46kg Medalists

GOLD: Kurt McHenry, USA
SILVER: Giorgi Gegelashvili, Georgia
BRONZE: Magomed Abdurakhmanov, Russia
BRONZE: Adlan Askarov, Kazakhstan

USA has no one going for a medal at 54kg.

63kg BRONZE - Jacori Teemer vs Francois Rossouw, South Africa

1st period: 40 seconds in and Teemer hits a throwby for a takedown. Rossouw shoots, and as we have told Americans hundreds of time, don't shoot on Teemer. Trying to work on a cradle, hit it three times now and finally locked up. Classic crackdown, took him a bit to get in position, but nailed the fall. New York with a bronze medal #L40. Great tournament from Teemer in his first overseas performance. That also locks America into second with 64 points, Azerbaijan can only hit 63.

63kg Medalists

GOLD: Inar Ketiia, Russia
SILVER: Kenshin Ito, Japan
BRONZE: Jacori Teemer, USA
BRONZE: Khadzhimur Gadzhiyev, Azerbaijan

76kg GOLD - Aaron Brooks vs Arsamag Khostikoev, Russia

1st period: Challenge in the first 26 seconds here. Brooks was awarded four on the edge. Brooks had a front head and arm, locked around his bicep, fell back and tried a high flyer. 5-0 after the lost challenge. Wow, lightning quick off the whistle head tap to cross ankle, but can't finish. Lots of scrambling here, somehow no points given despite both guys hitting their backs. Long discussion now, but ultimately Russia is awarded two for exposure. Shot on the edge, one point for a stepout. Another takedown, wow Brooks is really taking it to this guy. One on the reversal, up to their feet. Looks like some more confusion. One last turn for exposure and it's 12-3 at the break.

2nd period: Brooks taking his time here knowing any point finishes it. Tries a go behind but the Russian blows through a double to make it 12-5. Russia shoots again, rolls it through to make it 12-7. Collar ties now slowing it down. Russian tries a shot but can't hit. Last 30 seconds. Another shot and Brooks steps away again. Russia shoots Brooks out to make it 12-8. Brooks Matadors his way out of a stepout, 13-8 now. AND THAT DOES IT! After losing in the Akron finals, Aaron Brooks is now a world champ. He put up points, his closest match was that final. Two Maryland high schoolers now have titles on the day.

76kg Medalists

GOLD: Aaron Brooks, USA
SILVER: Arsamag Khostikoev, Russia
BRONZE: Piotr Caraseni, Moldova
BRONZE: Meysam Zaree, Iran

100kg GOLD - Greg Kerkvliet vs Ismail-Bek Nirov, Russia

1st period: Last match of the tournament. Unfortunately not for a team title, but a Kerkvliet win would give America four golds in Men's Freestyle. That would be the first time that has occurred since 1983. Kerkvliet is so tall, likely the tallest guy in the bracket. Used his length well to get in on a single, but no score. Nirov with his first passive, he was the Euro champ earlier this year. Russia on the shot clock now. Another single to Nirov's right leg, but the Russian kicks away. Double by Kerkvliet turns into a Nirov stepout right before the period ends.

2nd period: Kerkvliet continuing to level change and fake, but the Russian isn't buying it. Nirov on the clock again. Kerkvliet takes the lead 2-1 now, last 45 seconds. Russia is starting to pick up the pace. Had him in the zone, chasing tail, Kerkvliet spins out and gets an attention. Russia trying to control wrists, but Kerkvliet keeping that foot in the center. Single to the right leg again. Killing time, FOUR WORLD CHAMPS! Greg Kerkvliet keeps the Minnesota train rolling. Third year in a row a Minnesota boy has won 100kg. USA finishes with the most gold medals, Kerkvliet still has another year of Cadet eligibility left.

100kg Medalists

GOLD: Greg Kerkvliet, USA
SILVER: Ismail-Bek Nirov, Russia
BRONZE: Zyyamuhamm Saparov, Turkmenistan
BRONZE: Seyedmehdi Hashemijouybari, Iran

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