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The Returning All Americans In Cadet Women's Freestyle

The Returning All Americans In Cadet Women's Freestyle
Photo: John Sachs
We're up to day three of the 2017 Cadet and Junior National Championships in Fargo, North Dakota. That means our first day of women's wrestling, featuring cadet freestyle. Brackets can be found on FloArena.

Just like the boys, most of these girls are incoming freshman or rising sophomores, and may not necessarily have made names for themselves. However, there are 23 returning All Americans in the field and we wanted to list them for you below. The number next to their name represents the girl's rank in the first edition of our brand new national girls high school rankings.



#1 (at 100) Emily Shilson, Minnesota: 94lb champ
#2 (at 100) Caitlyn Walker, Pennsylvania: 88lb champ

Commentary: This is rare no matter the style or age group. Two returning champions, both of whom are on this year's Cadet world team.


Autumn Hohn, Wisconsin: 94lb 2nd place
Kayla Kehr, Pennsylvania: 94lb 3rd place
Alyssa Sequeira, California: 94lb 8th Place

Commentary: A pretty natural progression for these AAs to go up from 94 pounds. They will provide a good challenge to 46kg world team member Olivia Shore of Ohio, who is making her first Fargo appearance.


#6 Tilynne Vasquez, Montana: 101lb 3rd place
Jaine Stephens, Georgia: 94lb 5th Place
Josie Bartishofski, Wisconsin: 101lb 8th Place

Commentary: It has been quite a yea for Vasquez, after placing in Fargo she placed in the boys division of the Montana state tournament and made the 49kg finals for Cadet trials.


#5 (at 117) Mya Kretzer, Kansas: 115lb 7th place
#6 Viktorya Torres, Washington: 115lb 3rd place
#9 Stefana Jelacic, Arizona: 108lb 3rd Place

Commentary: Torres was fourth down at 49kg for Cadet trials, while Jelacic and Kretzer were both up at 52kg. Torres beat Jelacic at Flo Reno Worlds last year and could very well see here again in the finals.


#10 Randi Robison, Illinois: 115lb 6th place

Commentary: Robison wound up with the three seed and was second at Folkstyle nationals. She also had a win at Junior folkstyle duals over top seed Louisa Schwab of Illinois.


#2 (at 132) Macey Kilty, Wisconsin: 108lb champ
#5 Jessica Sanchez, California: 115lb 4th place
#6 Kaylee Moore, Washington: 124lb 5th place

Commentary: Macey Kilty is an absolute hammer who, along with Shilson, is probably the best cadet in the field. She's been in Cadet trials finals two years in a row, just won a Pam Am title, and has won both age levels at Folkstyle nationals the past two years.


#10 Dalia Garibay, California: 132lb 7th Place
Destiny Bailey, New Mexico: 143lb 8th place

Commentary: Garibay and Bailey could potentially hit in the finals, as the Californian Garibay is the two seed and Bailey landed in the four spot.


#9 McKenzie Cook, Alaska: 143lb 4th place
Jillian Bruno, Pennsylvania: 143lb 6th place

Commentary: Bruno, like Kayla Kehr at 100 pounds, is trying to add to the depth of women's wrestling in Pennsylvania beyond just the Walker sisters and Vayle Baker.


#3 Kelani Corbett, Hawaii: 154lb 5th place
#5 Kiana Pugh, Wisconsin: 132lb 5th place

Commentary: Corbett and Pugh met in the quarterfinals of Cadet trials, with Corbett coming out on top 15-4 en route to her eventual world team spot.


#6 Elisa Robinson, Kansas: 172lb 4th place

Commentary: Robinson is your top seed and looks poised to get her first stop sign after placing third at Folkstyle nationals.


#5 Natalie Kemp, Wisconsin: 172lb 3rd place

Commentary: After meeting the third place match last year, Natalie Kemp and Elisa Robinson split up, and could both end up with stop signs this year.
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