J'den's Motion Is Uncanny

J'den's Motion Is Uncanny
Photo: Tony Rotundo
I'm not breaking new ground when I say that moving your feet while wrestling is a good thing. The novelty of the thought comes when you start asking yourself who is doing it the best. While I'm sure that the case can be made for many athletes out there, I think that his performance in the World Team Trials this past weekend in Lincoln, NE, cemented J'den Cox as the motion king of USA Wrestling.

When you talk about footwork and how it applies to wrestling, you can look at it from both the offensive and defensive standpoints. Offensively, J'den is using the motion of his feet combined with unique head movement to get his opponents to reach for him and put himself out of position. J'den isn't what you'd call a "volume shooter," but his scoring percentage is based on setting up attacks with his motion. So when he does finally pull the trigger, he's seen the same reaction so many times that he's almost guaranteed to score.

The things that separates Cox from everyone else in this country and most of the world is the way that he can move his feet when he is going backward. J'den has a sixth sense. He knows exactly where the out-of-bounds line is in comparison to his own body. As if that weren't enough, J'den has the ability to make just about all of his opponents think it's a good idea to take a shot on him when they get close to the out of bounds. Then, he simply disappears.

Still not impressed? If you do take that shot near the line and manage to stay in bounds, J'den will be more than happy to grab a leg and score on an attack of his own.

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