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Three Small Adjustments That Could Put Jason Nolf On The World Team

Three Small Adjustments That Could Put Jason Nolf On The World Team
Photo: Austin Bernard
Jason Nolf was one point away from beating two-time world team member James Green at the U.S. Open in April. That's not the only thing that will make Nolf such a problem to deal with at the World Team Trials in Lincoln, NE, on Saturday. In his loss to Green, the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club member also demonstrated that he is improving at a rate that is staggering. 

While much has been made of rivalry matchups such as Kyle Dake versus Jordan Burrows and the possible matchup of Olympic bronze medalist, J'den Cox and David Taylor, please do NOT overlook Nolf in the 70kg bracket. Over the last few days, I've spent a ton of time looking into some problems that Nolf has created for himself with his freewheeling style and some adjustments that can be made in three different positions that I truly believe the Nittany Lion coaching staff will make by Saturday.


Neutral Offense

Body Position On Single Leg
Nolf is having a hard time scoring from his single leg. If he slowed things down in the room and focused on recovering his position (knee pounding in and getting his hips under his shoulders), he'd probably covert those single legs into scores more often. 

Neutral Defense

Attack While Clearing Ties
Nolf is clearing control ties very well, but he's allowing his opponents to rest in there a little bit. If he were to fire off a shot while clearing ties, his opponents would think twice before trying to take a breather in there. 

Par Terre

Nolf has a great single leg. There is probably not enough time to develop a brand new turning sequence, but if he could transition his single into a lace, he would be really tough to beat.

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