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Who's Coming To The Last Chance Qualifier?

Who's Coming To The Last Chance Qualifier?
Photo: Matt Shuck
Thomas Gilman will be making his senior-level debut as he looks to qualify for the trials at this weekend's Last Chance Qualifier in Rochester, MN. Isaiah Martinez will also be in action at 74kg, which is the biggest bracket of the tournament. And Hayden Zillmer and Jacob Kasper will be trying their hands at freestyle after coming up short at the Greco trials.

Surely, more wrestlers can (and probably will) register, but as of now this is what the field looks like at each weight class.




Who's registered:
Thomas Gilman, HWC
Josh Portillo, Jackrabbit WC
Justin Portillo, Jackrabbit WC
Skyler Petry, MN Storm

Let's not beat around the bush, Gilman is the guy to beat here. It's been a while since he competed in freestyle, with this being his senior-level debut, so it should be a good way to knock the dust off and get to the World Team Trials. 


Who's registered:
Daniel Deshazer, MN Storm
Jayson Ness, MN Strom
Darrius Little, LVWC
Joey Lazor, Panther WC RTC
Shelton Mack, TMWC

Hopefully, Deshazer's slapping days are behind him, and he can get to the leg grabbing instead, because when he's on, he can be tough to beat. Most people had Ness pegged as a potential U.S. Open finalist or even champion, but that didn't work out. If anyone is going to stand in Ness' way here, it will be Lazor. 


Who's registered:
Anthony Abidin, Valley RTC
Jaydin Eierman, Missouri WF
Mario Mason, LVWC
Deondre Wilson, Indiana Pride WA
Henry Pohlmeyer, Jackrabbit WC
Robbie Mathers, Sunkist
Yahya Thomas, Chicago RTC

Eierman had a tough hill to climb at the Open being matched up with eventual champ Jordan Oliver in his first match. He was eventually knocked out of the tournament after taking a loss to Nick Dardanes, who also handed Abidin a loss to send him to consolation bracket. Abidin was then defeated by Evan Henderson, who went on to beat Mason the following round. Ultimately, I'm looking at Eierman to come out of this one and qualify for the trials.


Who's registered:
Dylan Ness, MN Storm
Santiago Martinez, LVWC
Elroy Perkins, Eau Claire
Josh Nolan, Legends of Gold
Tony Tolbert, Penn RTC

After starting out in Greco, Ness has come back to freestyle. He made it all the way to the quarters before losing 11-0 to world team member James Green and being eliminated by Pami the following round. Ness is the guy for me here with Santiago Martinez being his finals counterpart. 



Who's registered:
Isaiah Martinez, TMWC
Dan Vallimont, Penn RTC
Quinton Godley, TMWC
Alfred Daniel, Rochester
Brett Bye, Jackrabbit WC
Colten Carlson, Pennock
Michael Schmitz, Stewartville Wrestling Club
Nick Wanzek, MN Storm
Sena Havlovic, Legends of Gold

It's no surprise that this is the biggest bracket of the tournament. The guys to look out for here are IMar, Vallimont, and Godley. Vallimont hit Jordan Burroughs at the Open, which is never good for anyone. IMar is expected to do IMar things. He was down at 70kg at the Bill Farrell but wasn't trying to make that cut again. I'm going with him to come out on top, but Vallimont is tough and will not go quietly. 


​Who's registered:
Michael Kelly, Old School Wrestling
Nolan Funk, Jackrabbit WC
Robert Jordan, Jackrabbit WC
Skyler Gonzalez, Unattached

None of these guys were at the Open, so there's really not much back story for this crop. Let's throw a name at the wall and see what sticks.


​Who's registered:
Hayden Zillmer, MN Storm
Jacob Kasper, Blue Blood WC
Timmy McCall, TMWC
Josh Manu, Navy
Chase O'Connor, MN Storm

Kasper came up short in his quest to make the Greco world team, so he's coming back to the road that leads to Kyle Snyder, whom he would apparently love to face again. It's a long road, but it's possible that he could at least make it to the within range by qualifying for the trials. Timmy McCall wrestled at 86 at the open, but he's up at 97 here. It's a bold move, and we'll see how it works out for him. Zillmer will also be trading in his Greco card for the weekend. He made it to the finals of the Greco trials before coming up short. 


​Who's registered:
Blaze Cabell, Valley RTC
Ben Durbin, TMWC
Blake Wolters, Jackrabbit WC
Braden Atwood, Sunkist

It's slightly competitive here, but I'm looking to Blaze Cabell, who made it to the 97kg quarters at the Open. He had some high-scoring wins on his way there before getting eliminated. He should be the guy on top this weekend.

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