Malicious Intent - Ep. 54 - Beat The Streets and Wrestling Rock Stars

Malicious Intent - Ep. 54 - Beat The Streets and Wrestling Rock Stars
Photo: Josh Conklin
On this episode of Malicious Intent Mike Mal, Nomad and Andrew Spey sit down and talk about the fall out from 2017 Beat The Streets. 

Show Notes

1:00 - Andrew Spey is finally in the ATX 
3:00 - Frank Chamizo is a wrestling rock star, and the sport needs more rock stars.  
10:30 - Mama Mal is a stone cold killer with one liners
11:45 - Oh yeah, the JO/Chamizo match was amazing too. 
13:30 - Does JO's double get through if they both make 65kg? 
15:00 - Is Zain ready to to compete on the world stage?
17:30 - Jordan Burroughs is still evolving. 
20:00 - The women went 2 of 3. Against Japan!
27:38 - Nomad will start doing HS girls ranking in June. 
30:00 - Will women's wrestling be the catalyst that forces our country to wrestle freestyle?

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