Russian Refs Fire Back

Russian Refs Fire Back
In a bizarre turn of events at Russian Junior Nationals, a referee has struck a coach in the middle of a pre-quarterfinal 66kg bout. The altercation started when there seemed to be a discrepancy in the scoring during a tied match between 2017 Yarygin finalist Cherman Valiev of Ossetia and his opponent, Iman Shamil Magamedov from Dagestan.

The Ossetian coach was in the middle of the mat talking to the ref when another, much larger, coach came over to voice his opinion. The ref, obviously feeling threatened, lashed out by hitting the coach in what looked like the shoulder. The Ossetian coach did not take kindly to the attack and trap-arm-mat-returned the official. What happened next is difficult to put into words. Valiev ran toward the action and attempted to kick the referee while he was down. Another one of Valiev's coaches carried him off of the mat while the original Ossetian coach smacked him repeatedly in the back of the head for his insolence. 

Considering Russian coaches' penchant for violence, you can hardly blame the official for acting the way that he did. During a finals match at Cadet World this past September, a Russian coach was displeased at an official's call and proceeded to grab the referee by the throat before getting red-carded and escorted out of the building. 

At the Russia's cadet trials this past year, an angry coach was seen pulling out a gun. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the altercation. 


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