Malicious Intent - Ep 51 - We're BACK (And US Open Talk)

Malicious Intent - Ep 51 - We're BACK (And US Open Talk)
Photo: Mark Bader
Mike Mal, Nomad, and Andrew Spey talk US open and the footage from the NYC RTC. 

2:48 - Introducing Andrew Spey
5:00 - Dake is going back down to 74kg and we're all jacked up about it. 
10:40 - How will the wrestling community feel if JB isn't our rep? 
15:00 - Spey and Nomad live in the numbers, Mike lives with outliers. 
18:00 - Does having James Green as a workout partner help or hurt JB?
20:30 - "I don't live in Grecoville, but I summer there." 
23:00 - Nomad is "Jazzed" about 57kg
25:00 - Spey does a House Of Pain impression
28:00 - Mike has a Kyle Snyder tattoo somewhere on his posterior chain
32:00 - Can jason Nolf make a team as a sophomore?
36:00 - The NYC RTC Footage is gold! 
47:45 - UWW has separation criteria, but Russia may muck it up.

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