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Dean Heil Was NOT Pinned

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A lot of people are arguing that Dean Heil was pinned by Jimmy Gulibon last weekend, but he wasn't.

He was absolutely as close as you can get to being pinned, with out actually being pinned. From where I was sitting, at one point I did see both of his shoulders down on the mat at the same time, but it was only for fraction of a second. In freestyle it was a fall, but in college wrestling, technically, a pin should be one full second. Here is a look at the definition of the pinning area, I do not believe that both sides were help down for a full second.


At this point in the season I have come to this conclusion: Dean Heil is a pyromaniac. He plays with fire, most recently against Gulibon when Oklahoma State hosted Penn State in the National Dual Championship where he managed, once again, not to get burned.

Heil, the returning NCAA Champion at 141, is currently undefeated on the season. He has some of the best defense in the country and is extremely tough to takedown. Getting to his legs is challenging enough, but finishing once you are there is even tougher, even if that means he is teetering on the verge of getting pinned.

Dean Heil is acutely aware of his body position while in these compromising positions where neither wrestler has control. He is not afraid to be on his back, to have one shoulder resting on the mat and the other one less than an inch from being glued down. But he appears comfortable there and recognizes where he can and cannot be. He will have one shoulder down, then squirm and roll across his back while posting off of his head to lift the opposite shoulder up within a second of the other going flat.

Another instance where he was playing with fire occurred in the semifinals at the Southern Scuffle against George DiCamillo. They got into a scramble near the end of the second period and Heil was oh-so-close to giving up a non-controlled fall, but ended up earning the takedown just before the buzzer.

The big question is, will Dean Heil end up getting burned?

Time will tell.

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