Penn State At Nebraska Live Updates

Penn State At Nebraska Live Updates
Photo: Juan Garcia
Penn State 27, Nebraska 14
125: Nick Suriano (PSU) decision Tim Lambert (Nebraska) 3-2
133: Eric Montoya (Nebraska) techs George Carpenter (PSU) 17-1
141: Colton McCrystal (Nebraska) decision Jimmy Gulibon (PSU) 11-5
149: Zain Retherford (PSU) majors Colin Purinton (Nebraska) 19-6
157: Jason Nolf (PSU) majors Berger (Nebraska) 15-7
165: Vincenzo Joseph (PSU) majors Dustin Williams (Nebraska) 20-7
174: Geno Morelli (PSU) decision Micah Barnes (Nebraska) 2-1
184: Bo Nickal (PSU) decision TJ Dudley (Nebraska) 10-5
197: Aaron Studebaker (Nebraska) pins Matt McCutcheon (PSU) 6:01
285: Nick Nevills (PSU) pins Collin Jensen (Nebraska) 6:01

The No. 9 Nebraska Cornhuskers host No. 4 Penn State today at the Devaney Center. It is the second Big Ten conference dual of the season for both teams and can be watched on BTN Plus. 

Penn State is coming off a 33-6 win over Minnesota on Friday. The dual will be starting at 125 with third ranked Nick Suriano taking on seventh ranked Tim Lambert. Suriano beat Scuffle champ Ethan Lizak 8-6 and will be looking to knock off Midlands runner-up Lambert.

125 - #3 Nick Suriano (PSU) vs #7 Tim Lambert (Nebraska)

1st period: Lambert has more than twice as many wins as Suriano has matches so far. The redshirt senior from Forest Hills, Michigan is 20-2 while the true freshman Suriano is 9-0 this season. Suriano working a front headlock but Lambert fights out. No out of bounds yet, they've hung in the center and hand fought for most of this period. 

2nd period: Suriano starting the period on bottom and out quickly. Takedown Suriano and they go out, can't tell how much time is left. Suriano riding tough as Lambert keeps trying to fight hands, but Lambert is able to get an escape. 3-1 with likely under a minute of riding time for the Penn State freshman. Not really any shots to close out the period.

3rd period: Lambert down. Not sure what the delay is here. Lambert up and out again, 3-2 now still not sure of riding time. Lambert starting to fire off shots. Suriano walks them back to the center to keep moving clock. Fires off a low singel to Lambert's left leg. Stalemated but Suriano burned a lot of clock. Lambert trying to keep his butt to the center but unable to clear the elbows of Suriano. Stall warning against Penn State. Suriano beats the three-time NCAA qualifier 3-2 to give the Nittany Lions a 3-0 lead after one match.

133 - George Carpenter (PSU) vs #3 Eric Montoya (Nebraska)

1st period: Montoya finishes a takedown on the edge. Montoya piling up a lot of riding time as he keeps the bottom leg turk and leg lace. Carpenter with the escape off a restart, Montoya in again on a single. Finishes it from Carpenter's right leg and throws a boot in. 4-1 lead and Montoya continuing to have success riding legs. Nebraska with the modified guillotine to get four nearfall, 8-1 now. Closes out the period like that.

2nd period: Midlands champ Montoya going down. Carpenter tries dropping to a leg but can't stop the escape, shoots in after Montoya escapes. In a legpass scramble situation now and Carpenter trying to get height. Montoya working for another crotch lock and gets behind for the takedown. Montoya with a ton of riding time heading into the final period.

3rd period: Carpenter wants neutral. Ear to ear and they break. Montoya tries to rubber knee and it gets stalemated. Nice second shot by Nebraska and Carpenter trying to roll through. He has Carpenter on his back and gets the full compliment of backs. That should close out the tech. Huskers lead 5-3 after two matches.

141 - Jimmy Gulibon (PSU) vs #13 Colton McCrystal (Nebraska)

1st period: McCrystal with an early two and quick release. In on a shot once again, and once again to take a 4-1 lead. Tough hammerlock from McCrystal to get some riding time here. Gulibon finally up to his feet and McCrystal wanted a whipover, but still gets the 2. Again wanting a hammerlock.

2nd period: McCrystal caught Gulibon on his back and has plenty of time to work for a fall. Gets all four backs and up 10-2, dominating on top. Escape Gulibon with under a minute left. Thirty seconds left and Gulibon in on McCrystal's left leg. Crackdown position for McCrystal.

3rd period: Nebraska down as we start period three with a 10-3 McCrsytal lead. Gulibon working an elbow lever. Stalemated, McCrsytal gets out but Gulibon gets a takedown to cut the major down. 11-5 with 32.5 to go. Stalling Gulibon. McCrsytal wins 11-5 and Nebraska is up 8-3 after three matches.

149 - #1 Zain Retherford (PSU) vs Collin Purinton

1st period: Zain shoots to Purinto's left leg, takedown Zpain. Escape Purinton as Zain tries to windmill him down. Level changing and head faking into a shot. Comes around behind to take a 4-1 lead. Out of bounds on the restart now, Zain throwing legs and hitting claw rides. Zain working a backbow now but Purinton fights out. Bar half tilt a possibility now.

2nd period: Down goes Zain. Up and out in under 10, immediately on a shot and takedown to go 7-1, trying to run a bar forward. But Purinton gets a reversal! Escape Retherford, 8-3 now. Zain keeping the cross wrist on the takedown and they go out of bounds. Purinton whips out for an escape, Zain immediately shoots to make it 12-4 late in the second. Purinton shot, extended as Zain sprawls, goes behind for a TD to make it 14-5 to end it.

3rd period: Purinton down and Zain has both legs in working a power half. Only two backs to up 16-5, stalemated with 1:21 to go. Escape Purinton as Zain wants the tech a minute to go. Purinton a little shaken up on the edge. 40 seconds to go, Zain trying to finish a double. No takedown on the edge. Zain working him backwards, and he gets on the edge. Penn State trails 8-7 heading into one of the two biggest matches of the day. Retherford final 19-6.

157 - #1 Jason Nolf (PSU) vs #3 Tyler Beger (Nebraska) 

1st period: Berger going with the Tony Ramos staredown. Nolf rolls through the Berger shot, cradles him up and has Berger's leg up. Berger continuing to hold onto the lock. Nolf goes over the top, has his right leg in, both legs now. About to go out, Nolf pulls hims back in and then cuts him. 2-1 just over a minute left. Spin behind Nolf and quick cut. Underhook of Berger broken, moving side to side. Hard snap by Nolf and front head now. Stalemated and the period ends 6-2 as Nolf finishes a whipover right at the end.

2nd period: Berger down. Optional start, Nolf grabs both feet and then lets Berger up. Takedown Nolf and still playing catch and release. Beautiful ankle pick by Nolf as Berger looks upset. Berger goees low double, Nolf has to bail and try a leg pass. Stalemate but a very good leg attack from Berger. Low single by Nolf and such a quick finish.

3rd period: Nolf down. Nolf out and still shooting against the Midlands runner-up. In a scramble again off a Berger shot and stalemate. Nolf snaps Berger into a low single and Penn STate once again has to try a leg pass with one minute left. Takedown Berger to cut the major down. 14-7 as Nolf escapes with 20 to go. Nolf gets riding time for the major and Penn State leads 11-8 as they start to show a basketball game.

165 - #8 Vincenzo Joseph (PSU) vs Dustin Williams (Nebraska) 

1st period: Takedown Cenzo. Out of bounds halfway through the period and Williams escapes. Another Cenzo takedown on the edge. 6-2 after the Williams escape. Cenzo in quick, shelfs the left leg and another takedown as they go out with 22 to go. Nice switch from Williams and Joseph wants a reversal of his own, but 9-4 to close out the period.

2nd period: PSU goes down. Vincenzo with the reversal to go up 11-4 and they head out of bounds. Sweet modified cutback from Cenzo to keep the ride on under a minute to go. Stalling against Williams as Cenzo wants to lock up riding time.

3rd period: Williams down and out quick but another takedown on the edge to give Cenzo the major. Williams out and digging underhooks. Overunder bodylock as they walk out. Under a minute to go, head to head. Thirty left and a chinwhip from Cenzo, but no pin. Does get four to secure the major. Cuts Williams to try one last time for the tech. Major Cenzo to take a 15-8 lead with four matches to go.

174 - Geno Morelli (PSU) vs Micah Barnes (Nebraska)

1st period: Early shot from Morelli. Hard tie from Morelli but Barnes breaks it. Halfway through the first and still on their feet. Lot of hand fighting. Morelli shot fought off by Barnes. 21.5 to go on this restart.

2nd period: Morelli starts bottom. Out in under 10 for the first point. Low single from Morelli on Barnes' right leg as the Husker squares up and grabs the back shoelace. Out of bounds twice in the last 40 seconds. Period ends 1-0.

3rd period: Barnes down. Morelli comes to his feet to apply backpressure as Barnes slides out. Crabride for Morelli and Barnes trying to clear wrists. Morelli crunching the head and lacing the left leg of Barnes as they go out once again, 1:06 left in the match. Sitback for Morelli to pick up riding time. Morelli driving through and working tightwaist as it is stalemated with 41.8 left. Blood time for our extended break really since the 125 match. OOB 30.4 to go and Morelli's riding time point is looming large. A caution against Morelli, now working a suckback. Barne on his feet but brought back down. Morelli continues spiral rides as Barnes gets out but PSU wins 2-1 to make it 18-8 overall.

184 - #2 Bo Nicakl (PSU) vs #3 TJ Dudley

1st period: Nickal digging underhooks in the first 40 seconds. Overtie for Nickal as Dudley fights it off. Nickal so fast, runs through a shot and gets 2 on the edge 1:39 to go. Escape Dudley. They go ear-to-ear on the edge. Nickal trying a re-attack under a minute left. Dudley continues to shot fake but no leg attacks yet. 

2nd period: 2-1 lead for Nickal and he chooses bottom. Nickal up to his feet, turns in and now an overunder bodylock fight as they head back to center. No escape as the ref calls stalemate. Good return as Dudley went seatbelt whizzer. Nickal finally out and had double overs but Dudley breaks it.

3rd period: Dudley down trailing 4-1 and out quickly, takedown on the edge. Dudley out again as Nickal tries a duckunder and runs through. Dudley eases his way back to his feet. Nickal win here seals the dual, 8-4 with 36 seconds to go and Dudley hit for stalling. Nickal again running through shots to get the late takedown. Nickal wants the major, but can't finish a last takedown. PSU wins the dual and leads 21-8 going into 197.

197 - #5 Matt McCutcheon (PSU) vs #8 Aaron Studebaker (Nebraska)

1st period: Just some handfighting in the first 30 seconds. McCutcheon working a front head but Studebaker fights out a minute in. Still handfighting and trying to control the ties. McCutcheon with his butt to the center and working Studebaker back in towards the middle. Another front head for Penn St as Studebaker has both hands on a wrist. No score.

2nd period: Studebaker on bottom. McCutcheon unable to return to the mat, Studebaker with a standing reversal as they go out. Penn St out quick, back to handfighting. Stalemate 55.7 to go. Nothing doing in the final seconds.

3rd period: McCutcheon on bottom. Good bottom leg turk by Studebaker and McCutcheon gets spladled! McCutcheon not on his back but very much still being spladled. A pin for Studebaker, spladles always a fun way to end the match. Nebraska trails 21-14 with one to go.

285 - #6 Nick Nevills (PSU) vs #14 Collin Jensen (Nebraska)

1st period: No scores or leg attacks in the first 45 seconds. Nevills head is all the way through on a low single. Jensen sitting on it in a crackdown position but Nevills keeping the knee on the back of his head. Heavyweight leg pass gets stalemated. A minute left in the first, Nevills working wrists on the edge. nother low single from Nevills, catches the knee of Jensen and we have injury time. Jensen looks very hurt. Jensen up to his feet, Nevills waiting for him in the center. Manning talking to Jensen. 44.8 to go, Nevills gets choice and goes bottom. It pays off as Nevills gets the reversal and now working a tight waist. 4-0 to end the period.

2nd period: Jensen defers, Nevills chooses top. Jensen unsuccessful on a granby. Nevills still behind as Jensen gets to his feet, escape 40 seconds in. Out of bounds and stall call against Jensen. Ear to ear as both working ties in the final minute of the second. No score in the final 20 seconds.

3rd period: Jensen's choice, he goes top. 4-1 lead by Nevills, Jensen following well in the first 30. Now Nebraska has a boot in. Jensen had a cradle locked up, but Nevills fought through the lock on the roll. Reversal to Jensen's back, and Nevills closes out the dual with a pin. 27-14 win for the Nittany Lions, 2-0 on the road this weekend to start their Big Ten schedule.
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