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11 Juicy Session 1 Matches At 2017 Southern Scuffle

Southern Scuffle starts tomorrow, which means dream matchups up and down the entire arena. We've already released the brackets on FloArena, so now it's time to digest some of the hottest Session 1 matches. Wrestling begins at 10 a.m. eastern, so make you are watching everything LIVE on FloWrestling


125 Round of 32 - Jack Mueller (UVA) vs Taylor LaMont (Utah Valley): The true freshmen phenoms are a combined 20-2, with Mueller climbing to 11 in the ASICS FloRankings and LaMont coming off a fourth place finish in Greco at the US Open. Something's gotta give in the first match of the day for both guys.

125 Round of 16 - Rudy Yates (UNI) vs Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State): Another fire matchup of young lightweight studs. Yates is hoping to have more success now that he's dropping down from 133, and an upset over Piccininni would be a signature win in the Panther's early career.

Piccininni vs Noah Baughman in the most recent OSU dual

133 Round of 16 - Kaid Brock (Oklahoma State) vs Micky Phillippi (UVA): Brock is the top seed for a reason and looks to be able to run through this tournament, as no should be able to hang with the slick Cowboy on his feet. It's hard to count out 3x Pennsylvania state champs though, so keep your eye on this one Sunday.

141 Round of 64: Mike Pongracz (UT-Chattanooga) vs Jaydin Eierman (Missouri): Our first look of Eierman up at 141 (sort of, he went 66kg for junior world team trials) will be against a guy who would be ranked if he weren't redshirting.

141 Round of 16 - Tristan Moran (Oklahoma State) vs Randy Cruz (Lehigh): Someone said this year that Oklahoma State could have three All Americans at 141 in March, so this weekend is their time to prove it. Does Moran take bottom when he gets choice?

141 Round of 16 - Boo Lewallen (Oklahoma State) vs Matt Manley (Missouri): See above about Okie St's 141s, plus Manley is coming off an injury. Though he did get one dual in before the Scuffle, this is not exactly what easing back into the lineup looks like.

Lewallen takes out Meredith in Reno finals

149 Round of 32 - Lavion Mayes (Missouri) vs Fredy Stroker (Minnesota): Christian Pyles believes in Stroker's ability to get to legs, and that should be good enough for the rest of us. Even against the freight train that is Mayes.

165 Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma State) vs Tyler Marinelli (Gardner-Webb): This is one of those intriguing matchups because of where these two have been mentally and physically the past couple weeks. Marinelli's ranked 15th and his only loss this year is to Isaac Jordan, but had to medically forfeit at the Cleveland State Open. Meanwhile, Rogers has lost to Clark Glass and Brandon Womack this month.

174 Round of 32 - Kimball Bastian (Utah Valley) vs Dylan Wisman (Missouri): It's been a few years since Bastian was on his Cadet world team, but the potential still lives. Wisman has been solid but not spectacular. A great matchup to build us up into matchups in the Round of 16 like the one below.

174 Round of 16 - Mark Hall (Penn State) vs Jordan Rogers (Oklahoma State): Penn State may not be sending the starters, but this one is fun enough to project if it were part of a dual. This is the first of four straight jackhammers Hall would have to beat to win the title.

197 Round of 16 Ben Haas (Lehigh) vs Ben Darmstadt (Finger Lakes): Aside from a minor hiccup against then-ranked Rocco Caywood at the Southeast Open, Darmstadt has every bit of the D1 athlete we thought he could've been. Can his progress continue and keep up his high pace on leg attacks against the
solid Haas?

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