Malicious Intent - Ep 49 - Zach Even Esh

Malicious Intent - Ep 49 - Zach Even Esh
Photo: John Sachs
Zach Even Esh is one of the best and most innovative strength coaches in the world and he joins MI this week to talk with Mike Mal about everything from movies to dietary supplements like Rapid Rehydration.

1:30 - Time is not your friend
5:00 - Im just gonna put it out there. I don't like Vision Quest. 
11:00 - Bust it like a mule
19:00 - We can work hard, but there are other facets to the sport. 
23:00 - Not everyone can get a gold medal. 
26:00 - Ask a lot from everyone. 
31:00 - What percentage of athletes care about their nutrition. 
40:00 - The sport has evolved. 
44:00 - Could Rapid Rehydration be the next step in the evolution of wrestling?
51:00 - Big guys are the trend. 
58:00 - It is easy to suck
1:03:00 - "I would burn my gym down before I allow mediocrity"
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