FRL 164: Clark's Injury, Dean For Hodge And IMAR's Escape

Order Of Show:
(0:00) - Laundry, Kangaroos, Harambe
(0:05) TMWC wins Club Cup Duals, Snyder losses to Odi and Tahan
(0:13) - Iowa Nightmare - is Cory Clark done?
(0:18) - Ke-Shawn Out for the Year
(0:25) - Dean Hodge Talk and in the Pantheon
(0:35) - Isaac Jordan vs Isaiah Martinez
(0:42) - IMAR vs. Daniel Lewis
(0:47) - Is Micah a problem for Zain?
(0:50) - CKLV Recap
(0:57) - Suriano/Cruz
(1:01) - Willie's D1 name recognition

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