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Flo Premier League Rules Release

Flo Premier League Rules Release
Flowrestling is once again raising the bar with the announcement of the Flo Premium League, a professional wrestling organization.

With the help of FPL Commissioner Ben Askren, a two-time Hodge Trophy winner and One FC Welterweight Champion, Flowrestling will change the way people think when they hear the phrase pro wrestling.

The debut bout of FPL will serve as the main event of this year's Who's #1 dual on October 18th at Lehigh's Grace Hall. Oklahoma State two-time National Champion Chris Perry will look to get some revenge on former Mountain Hawk's two-time All-American Robert Hamlin.

This bout will be the first wrestled under the Premium Rules (listed below), which is a hybrid of folkstyle and freestyle guidelines.

Check out the trailer for the match up between Hamlin and Perry.

Each match will be three 3-minute periods that all start with the wrestlers in neutral position.
There will be a one-minute rest in between periods.

Takedowns (2 points) - Collegiate folkstyle control required.
Push-outs (1 point) - Any two points of contact by opposing wrestler out of bounds.
Reversals (2 points) - Collegiate folkstyle control required.
Exposure (2 points) - Any exposure past 90 degrees.
Controlled Exposure (3 points) - Any exposure past 90 degrees with control of 2 or more seconds.
Escapes (0 points)
Fall (½ second fall)
NOTE: Scoring holds that happen while simultaneously going out-of-bounds will be scored from any position (neutral or Par Terre).

The clock will start at 3 minutes and count down to zero each period. The clock will be stopped for all restarts and by the referee at his discretion. Upon gaining control, the top wrestler will have :15 seconds to score exposure on his opponent. Exposure or reversal will restart the :15-second clock.

All restarts will begin with the wrestlers in neutral position. Stagnant action in any position will initiate a restart. Action that carries out-of-bounds from Par Terre will initiate a restart to neutral position. Intentionally leaving the mat area from Par Terre can be penalized 1 point at the referee's discretion. The match will be restarted in neutral position after 15 seconds of no exposure or reversal.

If a match goes into overtime, the clock will be turned off and the first wrestler to score wins the bout.

Injury time will be given only at the referee's discretion, both granting and time allotment.

Holds solely for the purpose of inflicting pain such as submissions or chokes are prohibited.
Illegal holds will be stopped and penalized 1 point at the referee's discretion.

Dangerous holds will be stopped and a restarted. A dangerous hold is defined as a hold when one or both wrestlers are unable to surrender a position.

Only the wrestler in control may work for exposure/fall or release control at any time. No defensive or neutral falls. There will be minimal reaction time between establishment of control and scoring exposure. If the top wrestler is releasing control, the referee will signal neutral position when both wrestlers are deemed capable of attacking or defending. No "same hold" rule. Once a wrestler leaves criteria and is deemed to be able to defend himself, a subsequent exposure can be scored with the same hold. Wrestlers may lock hands on all holds with a "wrestling purpose." Wrestling purpose is defined as a hold to take down, reverse, turn, or pin your opponent. 

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