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National Duals Results

National Duals Results
National Duals Results
Christian Pyles

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Finals Matchups-Cornell v. Minnesota

125-#1 Nahshon Garrett-Cornell v. #19 Sam Brancale-Minnesota
1st Period: Beautiful double right away for Nahshon.  2-0 early and he's working on top.  Escape for Brancale.  2-1 Garrett.  Back on the legs off of a re-attack and it's 4-1 Nahshon.  Brancale gets another escape making it 4-2 with 54 to go.  Another nice single switched to a double and one more TD at the end of the period.  6-2 after 1.  

2nd Period: Garrett takes bottom and is out immediately.  7-2.  1:20 RT for Nahshon.  Nahshon getting his hands moving working the head.  Beautiful knee pull single for Nahshon and it's 9-2.  Escape for Garrett and it's 9-3 after 2.

3rd Period: Brancale takes bottom.  Big lift and return for Nahshon and riding time is locked.  Nahshon lets him up after Coach Koll gives the go ahead.  9-4 now.  Another great re-attack from Garrett and it's 11-4.  12-4 with RT and with short time Brancale gets the escape to preserve the decision!  Huge escape!
12-5 Garrett.

3-0 Cornell

133-#13 Mark Grey-Cornell v.  #8 David Thorn-Minnesota
1st Period: Underway here at 133.  Heavy, heavy hands from Thorn.  Really pulling on Greys head.  Thorn gets the single and as Grey gets the funk roll Thorn is ready and gets the 2.  Now riding tough on top.  Thorn gets the rideout and takes a 2-0 lead with 1:47 RT into the 2nd.

2nd Period: Grey takes bottom and escapes.  Thorn takeing ground and in on a single but Grey gets off the mat.  I can't emphasize enough how heavy Thorns hands are.  Really moving him with those snaps.    Thorn in on another single and looking to come out the back door.  Grey locked around the ankles.  Thorn negotiates the counter and scores.  4-1 Thorn after 2 with 2:17 of RT.

3rd Period: Thorn takes bottom.  An escape and TD for Thorn makes it 7-2 now 9-2 after another takedown.  9-3 after the Grey escape.  Stall point and RT makes it an 11-3 win for Thorn!  

4-3 Minnesota

141-Logan David-Cornell v. #4 Chris Dardanes-Minnesota
1st Period: Quick TD for Dardanes, cuts him loose.  Another td, another escape, and one more td and escape makes it 6-3 Dardanes.  Another attack and finish for Dardanes makes it 8-3 after 1.  

2nd Period: Dardanes takes bottom and never gets anywhere close to an escape.  Rideout for David.   

3rd Period: David takes top, understandably.  Legs keep coming in and Dardanes is helpless to stop him.  Dardanes gets a reversal and lets David up then proceeds to get quite a few takedowns  and is absolutely punishing David for riding him.  16-6 the final.  

16-6 Dardanes

8-3 Minnesota

149-#9 Chris Villalonga-Cornell v. #2 Nick Dardanes-Minnesota
1st Period:  Lots of handfighting here, no real attempts as of yet.  Pop double for Dardanes but Villalonga fights it off.  Another shot by Dardanes and Villalonga has  whizzer but Villalonga is able to square up and we'll head to the 2nd 0-0.

2nd Period: Villalonga takes bottom and escapes.  Pretty single leg from Villalonga and there's two!  3-0 Villalonga and theres the escape for Dardanes.  Dardanes drops in on a single, quick finish and knots it at 3-3!  Escape Villalonga makes it 4-3.  

3rd Period: Dardanes takes bottom, gets to his feet immediately but Villalonga with a nice return and has a leg in now.  Out of bounds.  Back to center they go and Dardanes has a quick escape to tie it at 4.  Crazy flurry where both guys had a shot, but both come up empty handed.  To OT we go!

Holy cow.  Villalonga was literally on a shot, gets hit for stalling and loses the match.  Referees unfortunately once again the story instead of the wrestlers.  Nick Dardanes wins 5-4 in SV1.

11-3 Minnesota

157-#8 Brian Realbuto-Cornell v. #6 Dylan Ness-Minnesota
1st Period: Ness in on a single but Realbuto scrambling well.  Ness locks up a cradle!  DONE!  Ness WBF!  Holy smokes he is unreal.

17-3 Minnesota

165-#14 Dylan Palacio-Cornell v. Danny Zilverberg
1st Period: Underway here, just hand fighting so far.  Crazy scramble with both guys passing legs.  Palacio on the attack and gets 2 and gets the rideout.

2nd Period:  Palacio takes bottom and escapes.  3-0 Palacio now.  Palacio looking to score off a Russian.  Quick attack and 2 for Zilverberg makes it 3-2 after 2.

3rd Period:  Zilverberg takes bottom and gets a reversal.  After an escape it's 4-4 with little time to go.  To SV we go.

SV1: Low shot for ZIlverberg and Palacio passes the leg.  Crazy scramble and Palacio locks up the cradle and gets the fall!  What a finish!

17-9 Minnesota

174: Jesse Shanaman-Cornell v. #5 Logan Storley-Minnesota
1st Period: Shanaman in deep on a shot but they go out of bounds.  Officials give a bizarre two, then discuss and wave it off.  Still scoreless.  Storley gets a takedown and is looking for a tilt.  2-0 Storley and Logan rides out.

2nd Period: Storley takes bottom and escapes immediately. TD for Storley , lets him up and theres another 2 for Storley making it 7-1.  

3rd Period: Shanaman takes bottom and escapes making it 7-2 Storley.  8-2 the final with RT.

20-9 Minnesota

184: #3 Gabe Dean-Cornell v. #7 Kevin Steinhaus-Minnesota
1st Period: Here we go!  Big one here!   Dean crowding Steinhaus like crazy.  Dean gets in on a single and has his leg in the air.  Steinhaus fights off a few attempts from Dean to return and eventually kicks away.  Crazy good defense by Steinhaus.  Scoreless after 1.

2nd Period: Dean takes bottom and escapes in 4 seconds.  Steinhaus trying to open up Dean but it's not easily done.  1-0 after 2.

3rd Period: Steinhaus takes bottom and escapes.  Riding time is not a factor.   To SV we go!

Nothing to see here!  On to Tiebreakers!

TB1: Dean takes bottom and escapes immediately.  

TB2: Steinhaus takes bottom.  21 to go.  Gets the escape with like 2 seconds left!  Wow!

SV2: Steinhaus nearly gets to the leg.  Now Dean on the sweep but Steinhaus kicks out.  

TB3: Dean drops down to the leg and gets warned for stalling.  Dean rides him out.

TB4: Steinhaus cuts Dean lose and neads a TD.  Dean on the shot and time expires!  Gabe Dean 3-2 over Steinhaus.  

20-12 Minnesota

197-Jace Bennett v. #1 Scott Schiller-Minnesota
1st Period: Bennett on a leg early but can't finish.  Schiller on the single, elevates and gets the takedown.  Another TD and rideout for Schiller makes it 4-1 after 1.

2nd Period: Schiller takes bottom, Bennett gets sloppy with a tilt and Schiller gets the reversal making it 6-1.  

3rd Period:  A few more TD's and it's 10-1 Schiller.  11-1 the final.  

24-12 Minnesota

285-Jacob Aiken Phillips-Cornell v. Michael Kroells-Minnesota

1st Period: Great re-shot from Jacob Aiken Philips and he jumps out to a 2-0 lead.  Aiken-Phillips gets a bit sloppy on top and gives up the reversal.  2-2 after 1.

2nd Period: Aiken-Phillips takes bottom and escapes.  3-2 now.  Kroells in on an attack, countered well.  Aiken-Phillips with a nice td and takes a 5-2 lead into the 3rd.

3rd Period: Kroells takes bottom.  Reversal for Kroells narrows the gap to 5-4.  Kroells cuts him free and makes it 6-4.  Kroells in on a sweep and finishes to tie it up!  6-6 now.  Kroells trying to hang on but Aiken Phillips gets an escape with 6 seconds to go!  7-6 Aiken-Phillips your winner.

24-12 Minnesota your final!  

Semi Final Match-Ups - 1PM ET Monday

Minnesota vs. Ohio State
125-Sam Brancale v. Nick Roberts
1st Period: Roberts in on a single early and finishes.  He goes straight from the takedown to the tilt for a 3 nearfall.    5-0 right away.  Escape for Brancale.  

2nd Period: Brancale takes bottom and when Roberts tries a tilt Brancale puts Roberts on his back for 5.  6-5 Brancale now and he's riding tough. Escape Roberts, 6-6.

3rd Period: Roberts takes down and gets out right away. Roberts in on another single, lifts and finish to extend his lead to 9-6 with 52 to go.  Escape Brancale.  9-7 and thats the final.

3-0 Ohio State
133-David Thorn v. Johnni DiJulius
1st Period:  Thorn in  a front headlock DiJulius has an elbow.  All is right in the world.  JDJ gets his dump and is out to a 2-0 lead.  Reversal for Thorn.  Escape for Johnni but theres another TD for Thorn .  4-3 after 1.

2nd Period: Thorn takes bottom and gets the reversal.  6-3 Thorn.  Deep half for Thorn but it's blown potentially dangerous.  

3rd Period: 7-4 now 7-5 with the JDJ escape.  RT locked for Thorn so a 3 point lead.  8-5 win for Thorn.

141-Chris Dardanes v. Logan Stieber
1st Period: Stieber with a double extended, picks him up puts him down for 2 and 3 NF, nearly pinning Dardanes!  5-0 Logan!

2nd Period: Escape for Logan and a quick single with a finish.  8-0. 

3rd Period: Dardanes takes neutral.  TD Stieber.  11-0 with RT.  

7-3 Ohio State
149-Nick Dardanes v. Ian Paddock
1st Period: Nice shot and quick TD for Dardanes.  Escape Paddock.  2-1 Dardanes.  Another high crotch and finish for Dardanes.  4-1 now.  

2nd Period: Escape Paddock.  

3rd Period: Escape Dardanes.  5-2 Dardanes now.   TD for Dardanes and escape for Paddock and it's a 7-3 win for Dardanes.

7-6 Ohio State

157-Dylan Ness v. Randy Languis
1st Period: TD for Languis and an escape for Ness.  TD for Languis but Ness elevators him over for 5 as time runs out!  5-4 Ness after 1!

2nd Period: Ness goes bottom and escapes.   6-4 Ness. 

3rd Period: Languis takes Neutral.  TD for Ness with the rideout makes it 8-4.
9-7 Minnesota
165-Danny Zilverberg v. Joe Grandominico
1st Period: Great re-attack from Zilverberg and he jumps out to a 2-0 lead.  Zilverberg has the leg in has Joe extended.  A whole lot of nothing going on but gets the rideout after 1.

2nd Period:  Zilverberg escapes right away and then gets the takedown and is back riding touch with the legs.  He has a bar on the left side.  Rideout for Zilverberg

3rd Period:  Grandominico takes bottom and gets a reversal.  7-2 now.  8-2 the final with RT!

12-7 Minnesota
174-Logan Storley v. Jacob Bresciani
1st Period: TD and a tilt for Storley right away.  5-0.  Another set of backs for Storley makes it 7-0. Tilts galore and it's a first period tech for Storley!  Yikes!

17-7 Minnesota
184-Kevin Steinhaus v. Josh Fox
1st Period: Early TD for Steinhaus and he's got the wrists of Fox controlled.   Rideout for Steinhaus.

2nd Period:  Escape and quick takedown for Steinhaus and he's got over 3 minutes of riding time and climbing.    Close to tilts but no NF for Steinhaus.

3rd Period: Fox teks down and gets the escape.  5-1.  Takedown Steinhaus, quick release and another takedown for Steinhuas and it's 9-2 right now.  There's the stall point against Fox and a RT point that makes it 12-2 Steinhaus.

21-7 Minnesota
197-Scott Schiller v. Nick Hefllin
1st Period:  Heflin looks big as a barn at 197 in person, my goodness.  Heflin gets his double overs and tosses Schiller to his back for 5!! Holy!  5-1 after the Schiller escape and Schiller  doubles Heflin out of bounds on the gym floor.  Ouch.  No points.  Schiller back in on the shot and finishes to make it 5-3 Heflin with 39 to go.   Schiller rides out.

2nd Period:  Heflin takes bottom and escapes.  6-3 Heflin now.  Heflin in on a front headlock and drops on a sweet single!  Can't quite finish though.  1:00 to go in the 2nd.   Schiller in on a single but Heflin sits to the corner for 2!! 8-3 Heflin after 2!

3rd Period: Schiller takes bottom and escapes.  8-4 now and the scoreboard goes out!  Ha! Back to action and Schiller keeps attacking but it's Heflin who gets the 8-4 win!  

21-10 Minnesota 
285-Michael Kroells v. Nick Tavanello
1st Period: Tavanello in on a single and nearly gets the far ankle.  Tav switches to the high crotch for the 2!  Kroells slips out for the reversal and has Tavanello in some trouble.  3 NF for Kroells making it 5-2.  

2nd Period: Kroells takes bottom, escapes and gets the takedown.  8-2 and he's riding tough.  
3rd Period: Tavanello takes neutral and gets taken down soon after.  10-2, now 10-3 Kroells after the Tavanello escape.  One more TD for Kroells makes it a 13-3 final for Kroells!

24-10 Minnesota

Cornell v. Oklahoma Semi Final
125 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) over Sean Williams (Oklahoma) Fall 1:05 0 6.00
133 Cody Brewer (Oklahoma) over Mark Grey (Cornell) Maj 11-2 4.00 0
141 Nick Lester (Oklahoma) over Michael Nevinger (Cornell) Fall 2:16 6.00 0
149 Christopher Villalonga (Cornell) over Kendric Maple (Oklahoma) SV-2 3-1 0 3.00
157 Brian Realbuto (Cornell) over Dryden Dennis (Oklahoma) Maj 13-1 0 4.00
165 Dylan Palacio (Cornell) over Clark Glass (Oklahoma) Maj 10-0 0 4.00
174 Andrew Howe (Oklahoma) over Jesse Shanaman (Cornell) Maj 18-6 4.00 0
184 Gabriel Dean (Cornell) over Alec Iacovelli (Oklahoma) Fall 1:57 0 6.00
197 Travis Rutt (Oklahoma) over Jace Bennett (Cornell) Dec 5-2 3.00 0
285 Ross Larson (Oklahoma) over Jacob Aiken-Phillips (Cornell) Dec 6-4 3.00 0
23-20 Cornell

11AM Consolation Duals
Virginia Tech vs. Chattanooga
Central Michigan vs. Iowa State
Illinois vs. Kent State
Oregon State vs. North Dakota State

Quarterfinal Results

Minnesota 35 - North Dakota State 3
125 Samuel Brancale (Minnesota) over Hunter Weber (North Dakota State) Maj 10-1
133 David Thorn (Minnesota) over Justin LaValle (North Dakota State) Fall 3:34 
141 Christopher Dardanes (Minnesota) over Clayton Cathey (North Dakota State) Dec 5-1 
149 Nick Dardanes (Minnesota) over Tyler Diamond (North Dakota State) Dec 4-2 
157 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Nicholas Olejnik (North Dakota State) Fall 4:14 
165 Steven Monk (North Dakota State) over Daniel Zilverberg (Minnesota) Dec 8-5 
174 Logan Storley (Minnesota) over Hayden Zillmer (North Dakota State) Dec 8-3 
184 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) over Kurtis Julson (North Dakota State) Dec 6-0 
197 Scott Schiller (Minnesota) over Tyler Lehmann (North Dakota State) Dec 8-5 
285 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over John Gusewelle (North Dakota State) Maj 14-5

Ohio State 32 - 
Kent State 4
125 Nick Roberts (Ohio State) over Alfredo Gray (Kent State) TF 15-0
133 Johnni DiJulius (Ohio State) over Mackenzie McGuire (Kent State) Dec 2-0
141 Logan Stieber (Ohio State) over Tyler Small (Kent State) Maj 13-2
149 Ian Paddock (Ohio State) over Michael Depalma (Kent State) Dec 9-3
157 Randall Languis (Ohio State) over Thaddeus Keklak (Kent State) Dec 4-0 
165 Joe Grandominico (Ohio State) over Clay Wenger (Kent State) Dec 5-2 
174 Caleb Marsh (Kent State) over Jacob Bresciani (Ohio State) Maj 12-1 
184 Kenny Courts (Ohio State) over Mike Vollant (Kent State) Dec 5-3 
197 Nick Heflin (Ohio State) over Cole Baxter (Kent State) Dec 4-1 
285 Kosta Karageorge (Ohio State) over Mimmo Lytle (Kent State) TF 18-0

Oklahoma 25 - Central Michigan 16
125 Jarrod Patterson (Oklahoma) over Corey Keener (Central Michigan) Dec 9-2 
133 Joe Roth (Central Michigan) over Cody Brewer (Oklahoma) Dec 10-7 
141 Zach Horan (Central Michigan) over Nick Lester (Oklahoma) Dec 4-2 
149 Kendric Maple (Oklahoma) over Scott Mattingly (Central Michigan) Fall 2:36
157 Luke Smith (Central Michigan) over Dryden Dennis (Oklahoma) Maj 12-0 
165 Clark Glass (Oklahoma) over Zack Cline (Central Michigan) Dec 5-2 
174 Andrew Howe (Oklahoma) over Mike Ottinger (Central Michigan) Dec 4-2 
184 Craig Kelliher (Central Michigan) over Alec Iacovelli (Oklahoma) Fall 2:23 
197 Travis Rutt (Oklahoma) over Jackson Lewis (Central Michigan) Maj 13-3 
285 Ross Larson (Oklahoma) over Adam Robinson (Central Michigan) Fall 1:42

Cornell 37 - Virginia Tech 0
125 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) over Joey Dance (Virginia Tech) Dec 7-2 
133 Mark Grey (Cornell) over Dennis Gustafson (Virginia Tech) Dec 3-1 
141 Michael Nevinger (Cornell) over Erik Spjut (Virginia Tech) Dec 1-0
149 Christopher Villalonga (Cornell) over Zach Neibert (Virginia Tech) TB-1 2-1 
157 Brian Realbuto (Cornell) over Sal Mastriani (Virginia Tech) Dec 6-5 
165 Dylan Palacio (Cornell) over Chris Moon (Virginia Tech) Dec 8-1 
174 Jesse Shanaman (Cornell) over John Dickson (Virginia Tech) Dec 8-4 
184 Gabriel Dean (Cornell) over Nick Vetterlein (Virginia Tech) Maj 16-7 
197 Jace Bennett (Cornell) over Chris Penny (Virginia Tech) Fall 6:03 
285 Jacob Aiken-Phillips (Cornell) over Ty Walz (Virginia Tech) Fall 5:00

Championship Round 1:
Minnesota - Bye

North Dakota State 28 - Chattanooga 10
125 Hunter Weber (North Dakota State) over Byron Smith (Chattanooga) Fall 2:58 
133 Justin LaValle (North Dakota State) over Nick Soto (Chattanooga) SV-1 6-4 
141 Mike Pongracz (Chattanooga) over Clayton Cathey (North Dakota State) Dec 4-3 
149 Tanner Carlisle (North Dakota State) over Shawn Greevy (Chattanooga) Dec 9-5 
157 Alex Hudson (Chattanooga) over Nicholas Olejnik (North Dakota State) Maj 12-2
165 Steven Monk (North Dakota State) over Corey Mock (Chattanooga) Dec 4-0 
174 Hayden Zillmer (North Dakota State) over Levi Clemons (Chattanooga) Maj 11-3 
184 Kurtis Julson (North Dakota State) over John Lampe (Chattanooga) Dec 6-2 
197 Tyler Lehmann (North Dakota State) over Scottie Boykin (Chattanooga) Fall 1:16 
285 Dawson Peck (Chattanooga) over Evan Knutson (North Dakota State) Dec 8-2

Kent State 19 - Iowa State 16
125 Earl Hall (Iowa State) over Alfredo Gray (Kent State) Dec 6-1 
133 Mackenzie McGuire (Kent State) over Shayden Terukina (Iowa State) Maj 9-0
141 Tyler Small (Kent State) over Gabe Moreno (Iowa State) Fall 3:50 
149 Luke Goettl (Iowa State) over Kyle Bauer (Kent State) Dec 11-8 
157 Ian Miller (Kent State) over John Nicholson (Iowa State) Dec 10-4 
165 Michael Moreno (Iowa State) over Thaddeus Keklak (Kent State) Maj 17-5 
174 Caleb Marsh (Kent State) over Tanner Weatherman (Iowa State) Dec 8-7 
184 Lelund Weatherspoon (Iowa State) over Cory Campbell (Kent State) Dec 6-5 
197 Kyven Gadson (Iowa State) over Cole Baxter (Kent State) Dec 7-3 
285 Mimmo Lytle (Kent State) over Quean Smith (Iowa State) Dec 3-2

Ohio State 29 - Hofstra 10
125 Nick Roberts (Ohio State) over Jamie Franco (Hofstra) Dec 5-2 
133 Johnni DiJulius (Ohio State) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 
141 Logan Stieber (Ohio State) over Luke Vaith (Hofstra) TF 16-1 
149 Ian Paddock (Ohio State) over Cody Ruggirello (Hofstra) SV-1 5-3 
157 Jahlani Callender (Hofstra) over Randall Languis (Ohio State) SV-1 7-5 
165 Joseph Booth (Hofstra) over Joe Grandominico (Ohio State) Dec 10-4 
174 Frank Affronti (Hofstra) over Jacob Bresciani (Ohio State) Maj 13-2 
184 Kenny Courts (Ohio State) over Victor Pozsonyi (Hofstra) Dec 10-3 
197 Nick Heflin (Ohio State) over Zeal McGrew (Hofstra) Fall 0:59 
285 Nick Tavanello (Ohio State) over Michael Hughes (Hofstra) Dec 3-1

Oklahoma 21 - Bloomsburg 15
125 Jarrod Patterson (Oklahoma) over Sean Boylan (Bloomsburg) Dec 5-0 
133 Cody Brewer (Oklahoma) over Nick Wilcox (Bloomsburg) Dec 11-4 
141 Nick Lester (Oklahoma) over Elliot Zackoski (Bloomsburg) Maj 11-2 
149 Kendric Maple (Oklahoma) over Brian Nelson (Bloomsburg) Maj 17-3 
157 Justin DeAngelis (Oklahoma) over Kevin Hartnett (Bloomsburg) Dec 12-11 
165 Josh Veltre (Bloomsburg) over Clark Glass (Oklahoma) TB-1 5-2 
174 Mike Dessino (Bloomsburg) over Derek Geiges (Oklahoma) Dec 6-0 
184 Andrew Howe (Oklahoma) over Sam Shirey (Bloomsburg) Maj 20-7 
197 Richard Perry (Bloomsburg) over Travis Rutt (Oklahoma) Fall 4:17 
285 Justin Grant (Bloomsburg) over Ross Larson (Oklahoma) SV-1 4-2

Central Michigan 19 - Illinois 13
125 Jesse Delgado (Illinois) over Corey Keener (Central Michigan) Dec 11-4 
133 Joe Roth (Central Michigan) over Zane Richards (Illinois) Dec 6-5 
141 Zach Horan (Central Michigan) over Steven Rodrigues (Illinois) SV-1 7-5 
149 Scott Mattingly (Central Michigan) over Logan Arlis (Illinois) Dec 5-1 
157 Luke Smith (Central Michigan) over Zach Brunson (Illinois) Maj 8-0 
165 Jackson Morse (Illinois) over Nick Becker (Central Michigan) Maj 14-2 
174 Mike Ottinger (Central Michigan) over Tony Dallago (Illinois) Dec 12-7 
184 Craig Kelliher (Central Michigan) over Lazarus Reyes (Illinois) Dec 4-3 
197 Jeffrey Koepke (Illinois) over Jackson Lewis (Central Michigan) Dec 9-4 
285 Chris Lopez (Illinois) over Adam Robinson (Central Michigan) Dec 3-1

Virginia Tech 18 - Oregon State 16
125 Joey Dance (Virginia Tech) over Pat Rollins (Oregon State) Fall 5:38 
133 Dennis Gustafson (Virginia Tech) over Drew Van Anrooy (Oregon State) Dec 6-4 
141 Erik Spjut (Virginia Tech) over Joey Delgado (Oregon State) Dec 4-3 
149 Zach Neibert (Virginia Tech) over Scott Sakaguchi (Oregon State) Dec 10-6 
157 Roger Pena (Oregon State) over Sal Mastriani (Virginia Tech) Dec 10-7 
165 Toney Chay (Oregon State) over Chris Moon (Virginia Tech) Dec 2-1 
174 Joe Latham (Oregon State) over John Dickson (Virginia Tech) Dec 7-4 
184 Nick Vetterlein (Virginia Tech) over Austin Morehead (Oregon State) Dec 9-8 
197 Taylor Meeks (Oregon State) over Chris Penny (Virginia Tech) Maj 15-1 
285 Amarveer Dhesi (Oregon State) over Ty Walz (Virginia Tech) Dec 6-3

Cornell - Bye

Consolation Rd 1

Iowa State v. Hofstra

125 Earl Hall (Iowa State) over Jamie Franco (Hofstra) Dec 7-3 3.00 0
133 Shayden Terukina (Iowa State) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 6.00 0
141 Luke Vaith (Hofstra) over Gabe Moreno (Iowa State) Dec 5-1 0 3.00
149 Cody Ruggirello (Hofstra) over Luke Goettl (Iowa State) SV-1 9-2 0 3.00
157 Jahlani Callender (Hofstra) over John Nicholson (Iowa State) Dec 3-2 0 3.00
165 Michael Moreno (Iowa State) over Joseph Booth (Hofstra) Fall 7:58 6.00 0
174 Tanner Weatherman (Iowa State) over Frank Affronti (Hofstra) Fall 6:46 6.00 0
184 Boaz Beard (Iowa State) over Victor Pozsonyi (Hofstra) Fall 3:41 6.00 0
197 Kyven Gadson (Iowa State) over Zeal McGrew (Hofstra) Fall 1:28 6.00 0
285 Quean Smith (Iowa State) over Michael Hughes (Hofstra) Dec 9-4 3.00 0
Final: 36-9 Iowa State

Bloomsburg v. Illinois

125 Jesse Delgado (Illinois) over Sean Boylan (Bloomsburg) Maj 20-6 0 4.00
133 Zane Richards (Illinois) over Nick Wilcox (Bloomsburg) Dec 8-5 0 3.00
141 Steven Rodrigues (Illinois) over Matthew Hicks (Bloomsburg) Maj 17-7 0 4.00
149 John Fahy (Illinois) over Bryce Busler (Bloomsburg) Dec 6-4 0 3.00
157 Kevin Hartnett (Bloomsburg) over Zach Brunson (Illinois) Dec 5-4 3.00 0
165 Jackson Morse (Illinois) over Josh Veltre (Bloomsburg) Dec 7-4 0 3.00
174 Tony Dallago (Illinois) over Mike Dessino (Bloomsburg) Dec 7-3 0 3.00
184 Lazarus Reyes (Illinois) over Sam Shirey (Bloomsburg) Dec 7-0 0 3.00
197 Richard Perry (Bloomsburg) over Jeffrey Koepke (Illinois) Dec 8-4 3.00 0
285 Justin Grant (Bloomsburg) over Chris Lopez (Illinois) Dec 7-0 3.00 0
Final: 23-8 Illinois

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