CP's Superdual Breakdown: #1-Gophers v. #6-Cowboys

CP's Superdual Breakdown: #1-Gophers v. #6-Cowboys
Superdual Will Have HWT Finale
Christian Pyles, College Analyst

The Oklahoma St v. Minnesota match has been a dual that has consistently brought together two good teams loaded with individual talent on both sides and high expectations for this dual and beyond. 

Last year these two teams battled in the finals of National Duals, with the Gophers winning the crown.

As usual, both teams are highly ranked this year. And their dual will feature several 'must see' match-ups. Below is my breakdown with Florankings and prognostication.

#8 David Thorn V. Tyler Dorrell

Thorn enters as a pretty heavy favorite over the unranked Dorrell.  Tyler looked sluggish and a bit slow footed in his dual against Penn.  Oklahoma State needs Tyler to be a contributor if they are to contend for the national title.  I don't see Thorn giving Dorrell an opportunity to right the ship and I think Thorn's pace and array of attacks will be enough to wear down Dorrell. This ultimately winds up being a bonus point match for the Gophers.  
David Thorn WMD Tyler Dorrell
4-0 Minnesota

#5 Chris Dardanes v. #8 Jon Morrison
I have been expecting a break out year for Morrison for awhile now.  Watching him beat Zach Sanders 2 seasons ago, I thought he was the next rising star for John Smith's Cowboys.  He is a gifted athlete, with great coaches and world class training partners.  All the makings of a bright future, and while Morrison has been a solid wrestler, he is yet to reach the heights I once anticipated.  Dardanes I believe enters this match as a favorite.  His hand fighting skills and pace will prove to be the difference.  Morrison will need to use Dardanes' forward motion against him to get takedowns.  I feel like this is a one takedown match and I like Dardanes in this matchup.
Chris Dardanes WBD Jon Morrison
7-0 Minnesota

#6 Nick Dardanes v. Julian Feikert
Nick is going to be a big favorite based on what I've seen of Julian Feikert.  I see a methodical 4-6 point win for Dardanes here.
Nick Dardanes WBD Julian Feikert
10-0 Minnesota

Seth Lange v. #1 Jordan Oliver
Somewhat of a let down that (seemingly) we won't see the Ness v. Oliver match up (I like Oliver all day in that match, for the record).  Instead JO gets Seth Lange, a tough wrestler, but he will be overmatched in this bout.  JO is a pinner, and I see it that way with Lange.
Jordan Oliver WBF Seth Lange
10-6 Minnesota

Brad Dolezal v. #16 Alex Dieringer
Dierienger has been as advertised thus far, dominating all wrestlers he has faced this year.  Dolezal is a tough enough competitor I think he could keep this to a decision.  Not much else to say about this matchup, but I'll be excited to see Dieringer.  With bonus points playing a huge role I think Coach Robinson puts out someone at 157 who he believes will compete.  I wouldn't be so surprised to see Zilverberg for Minnesota either.
Alex Dieringer WBD Brad Dolezal
 10-9 Minnesota

#9Cody Yohn  v. #3 Tyler Caldwell
Caldwell is tough as nails and is off to a fine start this year.    Numerically this score could be close, but I don't foresee the result to ever be in doubt.  Caldwell dominates but I am not predicting bonus points.
Tyler Caldwell WBD Cody Yohn
12-10 Oklahoma State

#3 Logan Storley v. #1 Chris Perry
A must watch that features two very tactical wrestlers who pick their spots.  This match may not put up a big number score-wise.  In fact I would be surprised if it did.  I am not sure anybody gets a takedown here.  I like Perry to find his edge over Perry with his riding ability.  This will come down to the mat and maybe a riding time point.
Chris Perry WBD Logan Storley 
15-10 Oklahoma State

#4 Kevin Steinhaus v. #19 Chris Chionuma
Watching Chionuma last week I was genuinely impressed with his neutral game.  I think if he continues he can make some noise and provide a serious boost to the Cowboys team title hopes.  That being said Kevin Steinhaus is a very skilled wrestler who will be out there with bad intentions as always.  I look for Steinhaus to give Chionuma some problems on top and notch a takedown or two as well.  Chionuma makes this interesting and shows flashes, but ultimately I like Steinhaus to get the decision comfortably.
Kevin Steinhaus WBD Chris Chionuma
15-13 Oklahoma State

#11 Scott Schiller v. #9 Blake Rosholt
I'm really looking forward to this match up.  Two studs who sat and watched All American counterparts wrestle last year.  These two really speak to the depth that Minnesota and Oklahoma State have built.  Schiller has had nice results so far this year, but has been relatively untested.  I look for him to rise to the occasion and get the win.  Rosholt is undoubtedly talented but had a pretty puzzling loss a few weeks ago.  This is the first(and only) match of the night I currently view as a bit of a toss up if I'm being honest with myself.
Scott Schiller WBD Blake Rosholt
16-15 Minnesota

#1 Tony Nelson v. #4 Alan Gelogaev
So it all comes down to this.  Two highly ranked wrestlers and two top ten pound for pound wrestlers in the country.  Last time these two met it was an extremely lopsided victory for Gelogaev. Unfortunately, there was never a rematch opportunity for Nelson due to Gelogaev suffering a season ending injury.  Nelson, in my opinion, had an extremely flawed strategy the last time he wrestled.  You don't become  a National Champion wrestler without having some serious tactical skills and I look for Nelson to have a re-vamped game plan for Z that keeps it much closer.    I still believe Gelogaev ultimately wins this match and I can't wait to watch either way!
Alan Gelogaev WBD Tony Nelson
18-16 Oklahoma State

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