p4plbs College Wrestling Rankings
1SRDavid TaylorPenn State1
2JRLogan StieberOhio State3
3SREd RuthPenn State4
4SRAndrew HoweOklahoma2
5SRChris PerryOK State5
6SONahshon GarrettCornell6
7JRJesse DelgadoIllinois8
8JRNico MegaludisPenn State7
9SRJoe ColonUNI9
10JRAJ SchoppEdinboro12
11JRMitchell PortEdinboro13
12SRTony RamosIowa10
13FRZain RetherfordPenn State11
14JRJames GreenNebraska16
15SRTony NelsonMinnesotaNR
16JRDrake HoudasheltMissouri17
17SRJimmy SheptockMaryland18
18FRGabe DeanCornell19
19SOAlex DieringerOK State20
20SRAdam ChalfantIndianaNR


A little bit of movement.  Stieber and Ruth pass Howe after he loses to Perry.  I still think Howe is better.  They've split this year so I'm sticking with Howe over Perry.  Delgado passes Nico.  

Ramos needed to fall a bit.  He's not the dominant force he once was.  He still has won a lot, but I think Port and Schopp deserve to be ahead.  

Nelson is back to form.  When he's on, he certainly belongs on this list.  Welcome Adam Chalfant to the ranks!
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