p4plbs College Wrestling Rankings
1SRLogan StieberOhio State1141
2SRJesse DelgadoIllinois2125
3JRNahshon GarrettCornell3125
4JRAlex DieringerOK State4165
5SRMIke McMullanNorthwestern5285
6JRNick GwiazdowskiNC State6285
7SRMitchell PortEdinboro7141
8SRDylan NessMinnesota8157
9SRAJ SchoppEdinboro10133
10SRJames GreenNebraska11157
11SOJason TsirtsisNorthwestern12149
12SRKyven GadsonIowa State13197
13SRScott SchillerMinnesota14197
14SOJ'Den CoxMissouri15197
15SRRobert KokeshNebraska16174
16SRMatt BrownPenn State17174
17SRBobby TelfordIowa18285
18SRDrake HoudasheltMissouriNR149
19SOGabe DeanCornell19184
20SRLogan StorleyMinnesota20174

12/16/2014 P4P Notes

Yes, Hunter from 9th to out, a vapor in the wind.  He was anchored by some amazing wins and a solid (albeit quite soft) undefeated Redshirt season at 149 last year.  He hasn't been wrestling and comes back only to be pinned (albeit by an excellent Houdashelt).  The Hunter we knew at 141 may not be the same guy at 149.

 Houdashelt has been knocking on the door for awhile now and finds himself just one slot ahead of Dean, which feels somewhat odd, but makes sense.  Dean and Houdashelt both have had odd losses.  Drakes to Claxton last year and Dean to Meeks and Zilmer.  Drake's wins aren't quite on par with Deans from last year but his 2014 excellence gives him the nod.  If you disagree, I ain't mad atcha. 

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