ASICS FloRankings: p4plbs College
1SRLogan StieberOhio State1141
2JRAlex DieringerOK State2165
3JRNick GwiazdowskiNC State3285
4SRMitchell PortEdinboro4141
5SRAlan WatersMissouri10125
6SOJ'Den CoxMissouri6197
7SRDylan NessMinnesota5157
8SRMIke McMullanNorthwestern7285
9SOJason TsirtsisNorthwestern8149
10SRRobert KokeshNebraska9174
11SRBobby TelfordIowa11285
12SRJesse DelgadoIllinois12125
13SOGabe DeanCornell14184
14SRAJ SchoppEdinboro15133
15FRIsaiah MartinezIllinois16157
16SRKyven GadsonIowa State17197
17SRDrake HoudasheltMissouri18149
18JRNahshon GarrettCornell13125
19SRMatt BrownPenn State19174
20SRMike EvansIowa20174

2/24/2015 P4P Notes

**P4P Explained** -I've said this many times, but it's best to cement it in the notes for good.  Pound for pound is for fun, and is more rooted in my opinion than the individual rankings.  That's why an athlete may be higher in the individual rankings than they are in the P4P or vice versa.  There's some process, but at the end of the day, how I personally feel about how excellent the athlete is goes a long way.  This is why they are very different from individual rankings where personal opinions are not factored in. 

Alan Waters has beaten the #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7 in his weight class.  That is absurd.  So he gets a bump.  There is nobody who comes close to him in terms of elite wins this year. 

Ness falls a touch after losing to Realbuto.  Nahshon also falls after a loss to Gilman. 
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