NCAA 125lb Rankings

NCAA 125lb Rankings

4/7/2015 125 Notes:  
I am including this note in every set of rankings because I think it's important that people read this to get my perspective. As you know I always have put a premium on looking at the whole picture. While I give tremendous weight to NCAA's I'll never be completely beholden to them. I'm not taking away anyone's All-American medal, nor am I implying that they aren't deserving of the placement they achieved. I'm simply looking at all the information I have and am giving it value. Placing 4th at NCAA's does not necessarily mean you had the 4th best collection of wins and losses. Yes, that could even include you being behind someone you beat head to head at NCAA's. I'm not telling you how to think, I'm telling you how I think. 

Waters falls to 2 after a loss to Tomasello.  Gilman can stay ahead of Moisey in spite of his head to head loss.  Gilman's wins over Tomasello, Dance, Nahshon (twice), Klimara and Conaway are better than Zeke's.  Frankly Zeke doesn't have as good of wins, and has far more losses.  From 18 to 4 is a fair jump.  A similar circumstance can be found with Joey Dance.  Excellent all year, drops one to Gilman (who he'd beaten) and then a loss to an unseeded Youtsey.  Youtsey gets a big jump but doesn't have the wins/losses combo to pass Joey.  

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