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Who's Got the Better Game? A Jones vs Sonnen Technique Wave Match Up

Who's Got the Better Game? A Jones vs Sonnen Technique Wave Match Up

Yup, we got some Jon "Bones" Jones technique! And the champ's stuff is lights out!  His technical game is unorthodox and wildly technical.  But guess who else is hanging around the Technique Wave library: West Linn, Oregon's people's champ, the "American Gangster" and battle savvy UFC veteran war horse, Chael Sonnen.  And his stuff 'aint no joke either!
Both fighters are of hot topic in the MMA community (and various sectors of the wrestling community) after Jones' much publicized decision to decline defending his title against Sonnen given such short notice.  

It's a shame it never went down -these two are amazing to watch; Flo is a huge fan of both of these guys- but I fully understand where the champ is coming from with his decision. That being said, I've dreamt about a super fight between the two the way I used to dream about the Mayweather/ Pacquiao match up (that never happened).

I seriously took into account how each fighter's technical game and overall fighting style would compare & contrast the other's; I, obviously, couldn't stop thinking about the wrestling match up in that one.  

Both fighters were distinguished wrestlers (Jones: a JUCO Champ out of Iowa Central & Sonnen: a d1 All-American out of Oregon); both are serious students of the sport.  We may never know who would win that battle in the octagon, but one can easily decide who has better technique -it's in our Technique Wave library, right in front of you!  

Time to compare: check Jones' technique and rate it next to Sonnen's!  Whose technique do you like more?  Who's got the better game?  You decide.

Jon Jones' "Step Over"
This is as slick a takedown counter as any out there.  Jones recalls first learning this one at Blair Academy and admits to hitting it all the time in the room.  He even hit it against former d1 All-American wrestler and fellow fighter, Ryan Bader.  Bones makes this one look easy.

Jon Jones' Staples of His Technical Repertoire
Here Jon "Bones" Jones shows the staples of his technical repertoire: the moves he used back in the day and the moves he's confident with to this day.  He begins by showing an unorthodox and wholly incredible tilt I've never seen before and transitions into showing a couple more effective moves -one being another single leg counter that I can only describe as impressive.


Chael Sonnen's Spin Out Defense

Another impressive single leg defense, Chael Sonnen's "Spin Out" may not be as slick as Jones' single leg counter, but what it lacks in style it makes up for in practicality.  This is a position and counter that many international wrestlers get into and wrestle from, and Sonnen hits it with full command.

Chael Sonnen's "Slide Over Him" Defense
Sonnen shows another single leg counter position from the same position as with his spin out defense. With this counter, however, Sonnen slides right over the top of his opponent and adjusts to come behind for the score.  

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