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2012 Olympic Freestyle 74 Kilos

2012 Olympic Freestyle 74 Kilos
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74 KG Freestyle

U.S. Representative: Jordan Burroughs
Willie Saylor, Editor

He has one of the most creative and applicable handles in the Twitterverse and the new age of media. 

Of course with a name like @alliseeisgold, which teeters between offensively brash and yet commendably ambitious, you have to deliver.

No worries now.

Jordan Burroughs achieved wrestling immortality Friday, winning the Olympic Gold Medal at 74kgs (163lbs).

In a gritty, gutsy performance against two foes that had combined for four World finals appearances in the last three years alone, Burroughs captured the sport's ultimate prize. 

His finals opponent was Sadegh Goudarzi, the World Runner-Up for the last two years. 

Burroughs had faced and beaten Goudarzi twice before; in the World finals a year ago, and at the World Cup this year. Like all familiar match-ups, the bout in the final was a bit tentative. And Burroughs played the game well. Goudarzi never sniffed a score, and Burroughs capitalized on his patented doubles late in each period to post a 1-0, 1-0 victory that will go down in the annals of American wrestling lore. 

In the semi's Burroughs beat 2009 and 2010 World Champion, Denis Tsargush of Russia, in what has been the most dramatic and pressure packed bout thus far in these Olympic games.

Burroughs remains undefeated in his international career, running his record to 38-0. It's a staggering number, made all the more impressive not only by the talent beaten and the titles earned, but also because he had a quick turn around time from his college career to this Olympic cycle. Just 17 months ago, Burroughs was wrestling in NCAA finals and since has won The US Open, The World Championships, The World Cup, The US World Team Trials, and now…

2012 Olympic Gold!

On behalf of all of us at FloCasts, Congratulations to Jordan Burroughs, USAWrestling, Sicklerville, New Jersey, and the Husker Wrestling communities!

Jordan Burroughs To Olympic Finals

The most anticipated match coming into the day was also the most electric match of the Olympics thus far. American Jordan Burroughs defeated Denis Tsargush (RUS) in three thrilling periods 3-1, 0-2, 2-1. 

The two wrestlers combined for the last three World Titles, Burroughs winning in 2011, and Tsargush in both 2010 and 2009. 

The offensive battled manifested itself between Tsargush's drag outs from front head, and Burroughs quick leg attacks.

In the first period, Burroughs trailed 1-0 with :20 left when he hit a double and seamlessly transitioned into a leg lace for a hand-to-hand 1. After the scramble ensued, Burroughs got another point for a push out.

The second belonged to Tsargush as he scored on a shot off of a tie and push out.

The third and deciding period was held scoreless until :30 left when Burroughs draped a single to the left on Tsargush. Again a scramble played out. And again Burroughs got a push out. In the waning moments, with the two now neutral, Burroughs gave up a late and academic takedown.

Burroughs will now face Sadegh Goudarzi (IRI) for the Gold. Goudarzi is the two-time defending World Runner-Up losing to Burroughs in World Finals last year and Tsargush the year before. Burroughs also beat Goudarzi in the World Cup this year in a crazy, classic battle.

74KG Semifinal Match-Ups

Sadegh Goudarzi (IRI) vs. Gabor Hatos (IND)

Jordan Burroughs (USA) vs. Denis Tsargush (RUS)


Burroughs Gets By In Quarters

Jordan Burroughs (74kgs) looked good in his quarterfinal match-up with 2004 NCAA Champion Matt Gentry (CAN), but had to hang on late in the second period. 

In a 2-1, 1-1 victory Burroughs opened the scoring with a head-in-the-chest double. He later added a counter score from front head.

Gentry drew first blood (literally and figuratively) in the second, converting a nice low single shot. When Burroughs scored again form front head, the score was 1-1 and Burroughs was bleeding quite significantly from his left eye.

Gentry caused a bit of panic in the waning moments when he got in on a shot, but couldn't secure the point.

Burroughs next match, the semifinals, will be a clash of the titans. He'll face 2010 World Champion, Denis Tsargush of Russia. Burroughs beat Tsargush in the first round at last year's World Championships in three periods.

Burroughs Dominates In First Match

U.S. Freestyler, Jordan Burroughs (74kgs) looked his dominant self in his first career Olympic match, dominating his Puerto Rican opponent, Francisco Soler 4-0, 6-0.

In the first period, Burroughs scored in a variety of ways: an ankle pick, twice from front head counters, and a push out.

The second saw more of the same offensive diversity with Burroughs hitting a double and a sweet off-side ankle pick, as well as a trapped-arm gut that looked rather effortless. 

A good start for the reigning World Champion.

Next he'll have Matt Gentry of Canada, a 2004 NCAA Champion while attending Stanford.

Brackets are underneth the Breakdowns

74kg Breakdown by Craig Vitagliano

Ok here we go!  What a weight!!

From the top down we have 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist Soslan Tigiev of Uzbekistan taking on Oleg Motsalin of Greece.  2x World Silver Medalist Sadegh Goudarzi of Iran takes on 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist Kiril Terziev of Bulgaria.  Expect this to be a good one!! Moving down to the bottom half of this top bracket, China's Chongyao Zhang will face Hungary's Gabor HatosZhang was 9th at last year's World Championships while Hatos, a veteran, was 3rd at the 2010 World Championships.  Kazakhstan's Abdulhakim Shapiev, also 3rd at the 2010 World Championships, will face Tunisia's Bilel Ouechtati.

5 World and/or Olympic Medalists in the top half of the bracket!!

On to the bottom bracket!

From the top down we have reigning World Champion Jordan Burroughs of the USA.  He will take on Puerto Rico's Francisco Tanco.  Below that we will see Canada's Matt Gentry, a 2004 NCAA Champ for Stanford, face India's Narasingh Yadav.  Gentry beat Yadav first round at last year's Worlds.  Russia's 2x World Champion Denis Tsargush has a bye and will then face the winner of Ashraf Aliev, 3rd at last year's World Championships, and Japan's Sosuke Takatani 4th at this year's World Cup.  Fans should look forward to Tsargush v. Aliev.  It's going to be an intense bout!  Ricardo Robertty of Venezuela, 5th at last year's World Championships will take on Augusto Midana of Guinea-Bissau.  2011 World Bronze Medalist David Khutishvili of Georgia will face Mongolia's Unurbat Purevjav.  Look forward to the Robertty/Khutishvili match!!

4 World and/or Olympic Medalists & a 5th place finisher in the bottom half of the bracket!!

Good Quarter Final bouts:

Tigiev v. Gourdarzi

Hatos v. Shapiev

Burroughs v. Gentry

Tsargush v. Khutishvili

Semi Finals: 

Sadegh Gourdarzi, Iran v. Gabor Hatos, Hungary

Jordan Burroughs, USA v. Denis Tsargush, Russia

Finals: Gourdarzi v. Burroughs

Gold Medal: Jordan Burroughs, USA

Jordan Burroughs' 74kg Bracket Breakdown
By Willie "The" Saylor

As the reigning World Champ and with several premier wins at the World Cup, American Jordan Burroughs (Sicklerville, NJ) is among the favorites for the Gold in London.
As the reigning World Champ and with several premier wins at the World Cup, American Jordan Burroughs (Sicklerville, NJ) is among the favorites for the Gold in London.

Here is a little context to go with the brackets below, that were just released. 

Top Half:
There are three main contenders to come out of the top bracket.

Sadegh Goudarzi (IRI) is the World Runner-Up two years running. He also placed 3rd in 2009. He has a first round match with the Bronze medalist from Beijing, Kiril Terziev (BUL), but should get past it. Goudarzi would then be looking at a potential quarterfinal match-up with 2009 Olympic Silver medalist, Soslan Tigeiv (UZB). 

Abdulhakim Shapiyev (KAZ), who was 5th and 3rd at the last two World's, should clear his quarter to meet one of those two in the semi.

Bottom Half:

Although it's the Olympics and you can't take anyone lightly, Burroughs should unquestionably get through his quarter.

His first round bout is with Puerto Rican Francisco Soler who went 0-1 at Pan Am's in February.

His next opponent would likely be Matt Gentry (CAN), a 2004 NCAA Champion for Stanford. Gentry was 3rd at the Pan Am's in 2011 where Burroughs won it.

The final quarter bracket should be a bloodbath. 

2010 World Champion Denis Tsargush (RUS) will likely meet Ashraf Aliyev (AZE), last year's Bronze medalist, in the second round.

The winner would move to the quarters where they'll likely face the winner of  Moreno Robertyy (VEN) who was 5th last year at World's with a win over Tsargush, and last year's Bronze medalist Davit Khutsishvili (GEO) where his only loss was to Goudarzi.

Club: Sunkist Kids
2012 Dave Shultz Memorial Champion
2011 World Champion
2011 US Open Champion
2011 Pan Am Champion
2011 Ukrainian Wrestlers Memorial Champion
2 X NCAA Champion (University of Nebraska)

Event Schedule For Men's 74kg.  All 74kg rounds take place August 10th.

9:00 AM CST-----Semifinals
11:45 AM CST---Bronze Medal
12:25 PM CST---Finals

Here is a list of the World Finishes dating back to 2008 Olympis in Beijing

2011 Worlds- Istanbul, Turkey

1st- Jordan Burroughs (USA)
2nd- Sadegh Goudarzi (IRI)
3rd- Ashraf Aliyev (AZE)
3rd- Davit Khutsushvili (GEO)

2010 Worlds- Moscow, Russia
1st- Denis Tsargush (RUS)
2nd- Sadegh Goudarzi (IRI)
3rd- Gabor Hatos (HUN)
3rd- Abdulkhakim Shapiyev (KAZ)

2009 Worlds Herning, Denmark
1st- Denis Tsargush (RUS)
2nd- Chamsulvara Chamsulvarayev (AZE)
3rd- Ramesh Kumar (IND)
3rd- Sadegh Goudarzi (IRI)

2008 Olympics- Beijing, China
1st- Buvaisar Saitiev (RUS)
2nd- Soslan Tigiev (UZB)
3rd- Murad Gaidarov (BLR)
3rd- Kiril Terziev (BUL)

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