Phil Davis weighs in wearing Penn State singlet

Phil Davis weighs in wearing Penn State singlet
Phil Davis is fighting against Rashad Evans in a big UFC fight tonight on Fox. At the weigh ins he showed up and stepped on the scale wearing a shiny Penn State singlet. Whether you are a Penn State fan, Iowa fan or whatever kind of wrestling fan, you can't deny how awesome this is and how good it is for the sport of wrestling. It would be awesome if this was a trend that we started to see more and more of. Imagine if Frankie Edgar stepped on the scale in a Rutgers singlet or Mark Munoz came out in a bright orange Oklahoma State singlet. It would be great and would make people more aware of college wrestling and just how awesome it is.

If there are any UFC fighters reading this, please please please, next time you weigh in for a UFC event wear a singlet and support wrestling. It would be great if non-wrestlers stepped on the scale for the team that they root for. What if Kenny Florian came to the scale in a Cornell singlet, or Alan Belcher in a Missouri singlet? A big thanks goes out to Phil Davis for bringing more attention to wrestling.

A while back Aaron Simpson of Arizona State and Mark Munoz of Oklahoma State had a fight and at the weigh ins instead of facing off in their fighting stance, they both got into their wrestling stance. Another example of fighters promoting wrestling.

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